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Code of Conduct

To The Eagle,

I just watched the video of the last council meeting held on April 15th. I was appalled by the total lack of respect from one specific council member. Robert Stowe was both disreputable and childish. He interrupted the sheriff and the mayor. It started by talking about the no parking space and what was needed to make it legal. In a past meeting, information was given that was incorrect. The information given was in reference to Big Bend College parking. It was how they enforced parking on this college campus. The sheriff was trying to give correct information, and was rudely interrupted and yelled at. Sheriff Howie was talking and Mr. Stowe yelled at him and continued to talk over him and accused Sheriff Howie of interrupting him. That was not the case at all. What ever they do about this no parking thing is totally immaterial at this point. The disrespect is totally uncalled for. This is a meeting of our city council. These are grown adults and I cannot believe that Mr. Stowe is acting like a child. One of the ladies in attendance brought up the question of a code of conduct. Is there one? There should be. This behavior is uncalled for. These are the people who are making decisions for our town. To have one behave so badly to other members is unbelievable! As a member of this town, I am so embarrassed by the actions of Mr. Stowe to both the sheriff and the mayor. This is our town and this is how we are represented. We need a code of conduct. This behavior has to stop.

Rene’ Westbrook


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Gomer1947 writes:

I suggest a recall petition for Stowe. Would start one myself but am not currently in town.

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