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Helms found Guilty

Defendant, Ryan Helms, was found guilty of theft in the first degree on April 16, 2024 in Wahkiakum’s Superior Court. Judge Donald Richter presided over the trial of Helms vs. the State of Washington. Helms has been found to have stolen upwards of $24,000 from a legal gambling game held at The Duck Inn. The game of chance called, “Ace of Spades” brought in thousands of dollars from participants. Helms was in charge of keeping the money until the final payout. When the winner of the pot was announced in September, the money was gone.

The Duck Inn held the contest in collaboration with the Peninsula Moose Lodge, who had the gambling license. The funds were supposed to be used for charity purposes.

When the money didn’t surface, Helms continued to gamble in Las Vegas and Ilani in Ridgefield with the hopes of being able to pay back the funds he stole.

Helms pleaded Not Guilty. Sentencing will be on May 6, 2024.


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