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Mecha Mules visit the other Washington

The Wahkiakum Mecha Mules robotics team visited Washington D.C. for the Seapearch internation robotics competition. Advisor Ron Wright had been keeping a daily journal of their expierences. The following is from day two of their journey.

To start off the day our team headed off to the Natural History Museum. On the way there google maps was being quite obstinate, specifically Amanda’s Google maps. However, mine worked perfectly well so I lead the group to the museum. The museum was covered with plenty of beautiful pieces of the history of our world. There were statues, fossils, and gems everywhere you looked. It was impossible to rip my eyes from any of the gorgeous sights. As we wandered the museum, it was quickly noticeable there were six sections: Animals, Fossils, Human History, Earth Functions, Space, and Gemstones/Minerals. Personally only one of these really stole my attention, of course it was Space. I wanted to burrow into the walls and create my new home there. Next, we got to see many gorgeous gemstones, including the Hope Diamond. Obviously the exhibits at the museum were lovely, but our team found a way to have quite a bit of fun in the gift shops.

After making our way outside we decided to have lunch, Pb&J’s. Many birds flew quite close, clearly desensitized and unafraid of the humanpopulation. Gary, Sage, and Dalton fed the birds parts of their lunches. This attracted numerous birds, all trying to eat their food.

After lunch the group began making their way to the National Portrait Gallery. This time it was quite an easy journey, making it there without a hitch. The architecture of the building was absolutely stunning. We began to travel down the halls, observing the meaningful art everywhere. The most significant part of the museum was the portraits of the United States Presidents, a tribute to the history of our country. It was quite a beautiful sight to see, lengthy but worth every second.

Sadly in our attempt to occupy time, we got a little bit turned around. Once again Google maps was acting up; leading us on a lengthy exhausting walk. However, it was quite delightful, filled with absolutely enchanting sights of both the city and nature. The blending of the natural and built environment showed the way humanity can work with nature.

A storm was brewing, the sky was painted with dark clouds, and a deluge of rain poured down. Thunder and lightning began, a normal sight for the residents of D.C, but not to us. The weather was alarming yet oddly beautiful, I am extremely glad we got to view the short storm.

Despite how lovely the storm was, the ending meant we could see the Washington monument, a colossal symbol of our country and its history. It was enormous to the point of being disorienting. Subsequently, we saw the WWII memorial, a tribute to the brave soldiers that fought in that disastrous war. The Reflecting Pool leads us to the Lincoln Memorial. It was breathtaking, its beauty almost bringing us to tears. This was something so magnificent I cannot put it into words. One must expierience it to understand it. I am so grateful to have the pleasure of seeing Washington D.C. with the Mecha Mules. Thank you everyone for supporting this team. None of us will ever forget this experience. More to come...

Ron Wright


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