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PUD Meeting focuses on trees and power lines

The Wahkiakum Public Utility District met on the first Tuesday of June. One of the key take aways from this meeting was the approval of Resolution no. 1286. This resolution is a vegetation management policy, otherwise known as the tree trimming policy. The purpose of this is to create a productive vegetation maintenance program, essentially helping Wahkiakum PUD deliver electric and water services in a safe and timely manner. The overall goal is to help the public understand that the number one cause of outages is falling trees. This policy goes into effect immediately.

Wahkiakum PUD wants customers to know that they're only liable to tend to vegetation maintenance on power lines owned by PUD. The customer is solely responsible for vegetation maintenance on their property. If you happen to notice vegetation socializing on active power lines, you are advised to call the PUD or a professional arborist. A professional arborist should be consulted when power lines are present. This being said, if the vegetation happens to be on your property line, there is a reference guide for you to follow: Any vegetation within 12 feet of electrical lines should be cut back. Certain branches on older trees may continue to exist inside the minimum clearance, depending on the health of the tree, direction of growth, and probability of its limbs reaching the power lines. Any trees with a diameter of 10 inches at chest height that are within 15 feet of an electrical line, should be removed. Finally, any species discovered directly underneath electrical lines with a possibility to grow to over 25 feet must be removed.

In conclusion, Wahkiakum PUD wants customers to know that they value and appreciate the importance and beauty of trees in our community. The PUD is not against trees, they want the public to know the best types of trees to plant near power lines and how to maintain them.


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