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PUD report

The Wahkiakum PUD met on the chilly morning of June 18th. Unlike most mornings, PUD had a delightfully brief show and tell that, unfortunately for me, took place outside where we celebrated the arrival of the new bucket truck. After a little over three years of waiting, Wahkiakum PUD finally welcomed this beautiful 2023 Ford F550xl. The new bucket truck was ordered to replace the 2014 little bucket truck. To their demise, the 2014 Little Bucket Truck proved to be the little engine that blew.

The new bucket truck nicknamed the Big Bucket Truck, came equipped with all the bells and whistles, including a backup camera, which if you drive like me is everything. All jokes aside, every electric crew, including the water crew, is trained to operate this monstrous beauty.

On another note, at the beginning of the year, PUD devised water system plans to improve Wahkiakum County's water. Wahkiakum wants to properly operate and maintain the most basic item--safe and reliable drinking water- and the PUD has developed these plans for the Department of Health. The plan outlines system backgrounds, planning, water use efficiency, distribution system losses, finances, and the capital improvement program.

There were two remaining projects for the plan, one of those plans is due for completion in early July and is the main looping project. The mainline looping project, as many of you know, takes place on the island and was developed to tie water mains together to improve reliability and resiliency. The other plan is the water sourcing project, which is projected for completion in 2026. This plan needs more time and planning such as securing a drill for a well, engineering a new system, getting all the approvals on permits, and constructing the facility. The first major step for that project is getting the well drilled.


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finn writes:

Do the PUD plans include providing water to all their west end rate payers? Salme Hill to Oneida road are still without water. They talk a good story, but, let us down out here. Out of site, Out of mind!

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