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Sheriff's Corner

You will be seeing the Sheriff’s Office vehicles flying blue ribbons on the antennae this month. May 11–17 is National Police Week, honoring police officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving their communities around the nation.

Our Wahkiakum County deputies are a dedicated, hard working group of guys that sacrifice a lot to be protectors, responders, and peacekeepers for the people of our county. Calls at 3 o’clock in the morning take them out of a deep sleep and into the rainy nights to respond to a disturbance or a critical situation that needs law enforcement response. Long hours covering another’s shift can take days to catch up on needed sleep. Precious holidays are spent away from loved ones to be available for service to their community.

Law enforcement officers see the human condition in all its forms. Officers see, hear, and smell things most people never experience. Please remember those and the many other sacrifices our deputies make to keep our county as safe as possible, and the next time you see one, give them your thanks. I guarantee it goes a long way!

Last month we conducted an active shooter table top exercise to evaluate and assist in planning a coordinated response with law enforcement, school personnel, fire, and emergency medical services. Every deputy from the sheriff’s office participated. It was intense at times and adrenaline inducing but we learned a lot from the mock scenario. We identified areas that need some improvement but will allow us to respond to a large crisis at the schools. Preparation is a key to responding well to a large scale incident of any kind, and I feel confident that we will have a well coordinated response plan for our county.

I mentioned the increase in gas and metal thefts in the last column, and we continue to have thefts of gas in the Elochoman Valley area. They are occurring mainly at night. Please be vigilant for suspicious vehicles and persons in your driveway or a neighbor’s. If you suspect someone is stealing gas or other items don’t hesitate to call 911 and give as good of a description as you can. We have stepped up patrol in the area as much as possible in the evening hours.

Stay safe!


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