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Wah. Co. Eagle 

Post Office in jeopardy again


NOT SO GREAT--As this work week begins, it's a little bit wet out there, and at times, it really pours. At least there were a few breaks in the weather, but they were pretty short lived. They say drier weather is coming, so by the time you read this, you may be enjoying a very nice, dry day again. Let's hope so!

Another thing that is not so great, is the fact that the internet was down all over the place. It's amazing how dependent we get on our computers for gathering information and sending communications, so when it's out, it's a huge mess. Anyone having to use credit or debit cards may find themselves out of luck until things gACet up and running. Hopefully this Tuesday morning hassle will be resolved real soon!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from June 19-25 are Keith Hoofnagle, Mary Baldwin, Ivan Goldinov, Angelina Thompson, Lori Smith, Jonathan Hauff, Fred Hauff, Nicci Bergseng, Bill Ower, Larry Horman, Bobby Helms, Danny Helms, Angel Rose, Signe Sause, Joel Moore, LaRita Bennett, Jerry DeBriae, J. Dawn Wika, Erik Grasseth, Martie Vavoudis, Billie Bardsley, James Anderson, Kay Holland, Jack Gorley, Barbara Hanmore, Rhonda Pedersen and Katie Sechler. Here's to all you guys and gals who are celebrating special birthdays!

Happy Anniversary wishes this week go out to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Montgomery, Steve and Debbie McClain, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Souvenir, Phil and Elaine Rolf, Larry and Sally Palmer and Mark and Rhonda Pedersen. Here's to all of your special days!

IMPORTANT P.O. NEWS/MEETING--It is extremely important to watch your mail boxes for a survey that will be mailed to Skamokawa residents. Once again, our local post office is being threatened, so please do not throw this survey away as I'm sure they are counting on a low return rate, which would be devastating to our local Skamokawa Post Office. This survey may look fairly harmless but let me assure you, it is not. Before you answer and return it, please help me spread the word about what you should really do in regards to the options that are being given to you. Please, please, if you want to keep our post office here, disregard their options and instead, where the write-in section is, put "Leave our Skamokawa postal hours as they currently exist." Then I would like you to call me at 795-3425 and tell me that you did that (or anything else you had to say) and that you mailed it in. If I am not at home, please leave your name and phone number so I can call you back. You need to send this survey in, but if nobody here is collecting the data of what people are saying, or that they have responded, then how would we know for sure what people really said, as they could tell us anything! It's like having the fox guard the chicken coop!

The postal department is going to hold another meeting at the Skamokawa Grange Hall next month, on Tuesday, July 29, at 6 p.m. This is a lousy time as it's mid-week and about dinner time, so I'm sure they are counting on a low turn out for that as well. Let me assure you, if we do not have a majority of Skamokawa mail consumers turn in these surveys, or show up at this meeting, we are going to face some serious consequences regarding our post office, which could result in it being closed. So we need each and every one of you to spread the word to your friends and neighbors and be sure to return the survey with the above comment or one close to it, so that we don't lose our post office. We also need everybody at this meeting next month. I would love to send out a survey of my own, but it's just too costly, so please help spread the word about this meeting and the survey; it's vital to have everyone's participation. If you'd like to help me with this "Save our Post Office" project, call me ASAP!

NICE CROWD--Last Thursday the John Thomas Middle School was full of beaming parents and grandparents, as the 8th grade class held their moving up ceremony. An arch of red and black balloons made a nice backdrop for the class to walk through and more balloons and flowers and the pathway lit by tiny rope lights gave the gymnasium a very festive appearance. After the ceremony everyone went over to the multi-purpose room in the J.A Wendt Elementary and enjoyed a slide show and cake and goodies. Afterwards, a dance was held there for the graduating class which included my grandson, Bryce Good, so we snapped pictures and congratulated him before we took off and let him celebrate this big step towards high school with the rest of his class. Congratulations to the Class of 2018 for "Movin' on up!"

GRADUATION--The wind was blowing and dark clouds were hovering overhead, but luckily, the rains held off last Friday night on graduation night at WA-KI-HI and the only thing causing any dampness were the tears coming down the cheeks of those Moms who could hardly believe their "babies" were all grown up! Our family had two graduates this year, as grandson Austin Good was a two star graduate, meaning he held a 3.5 GPA and was graduating with high honors, as was his cousin, Lainie Ferguson. We sure are proud of the two of them. It was pretty fun seeing the class celebrate the end of their high school years in a mass of colorful silly string! I really think the whole class was just a great bunch of kids and we certainly send our congratulations to all of them who accomplished so much during their years at Wahkiakum High School.

The following day there were many graduation parties held and we were happy to see that the weather held out long enough to stay dry at a combined party for grandson Austin Good and his friend Zach Calvert. Austin will be headed east, as he's going to Central Washington University, while Zach will be headed north where he will attend Western State University. Good luck to them and all those who will be furthering their education.

FATHER'S DAY--Last Sunday was Father's Day and I heard of husbands and Dads getting treated out for dinner or a BBQ, and some with family members calling and others getting one-on-one visits, so it seemed like Father's Day went pretty well. After making a quick trip to Cathlamet to see his nephew, Austin Good graduate, Pete Sechler and his crew went to the Crab Pot in Seattle where they had a great meal. They also had a good time at the arcade and taking pictures after a long, busy day of working at their Seasons Cafe and Bakery in the Ballard area, so they enjoyed their Father's Day break that evening. Ralph Pedersen enjoyed his day with a visit from his two sons, Tim and Mark, as they enjoyed sharing a good meal and a great visit.

TIME FLYING--As you can see, this is already the third week of the month, so when it's over, we'll be halfway through the year already! Now that summer will officially be here this weekend, we will see an increase in activities with many things happening in July besides all the Fourth of July activities and our Bald Eagle Days. If you're bored and are looking for something to do, any one of the chairmen for any of these big fundraisers would gladly welcome your help, so contact them if you're willing to get involved.

BARGAINS GALORE--On June 28 you can shop in Skamokawa for bargains and unique gifts, as Redmen Hall will be reopening, the Skamokawa Methodist Church will have a bazaar and garage sale and the Skamokawa Grange will have several vendors so you can enter a raffle, buy a pie, get some wonderful handmade jewelry, jams, lavender products, aprons, or just look through the stuff people brought. While you can enjoy looping around Puget Island at their sale items, don't forget to do the Skamokawa "loop" as well!

GOLF--As July arrives we hope all the golf lovers will remember to sign up for the Kiwanis Golf Tournament scheduled for July 12, and the Ralph Rodahl Memorial Scramble on July 20. Call Carol Danker at 795-8052 regarding the Kiwanis event and you can always contact Skyline Golf Course for more information, at 795-8785.

PASSED ON--Recently we have lost a couple more folks that I knew, one being my former classmate's brother, Tom Bond. We extend our sympathies to his family and friends. Another one who passed on is Bill's uncle, Don Erickson. We want to send our condolences to his wife, Edith and their children and grandchildren. Both of these men have services that are pending.

OUT OF THE PAST--In 1944 this week, the weather was a bit cloudy most of the time with a couple of real nice days included. Ralph Everest headed to Seattle along with his daughter, Carol Pedersen, and while he would stay in Seattle visiting relatives, she was headed to Cordova to join husband, Krist there. The country heard the sad news that two more submarines were overdue and presumed lost, as the "Trout" and the "Tullibee" did not return from their recent patrols and no word had been heard from either of them. This was especially sad for George Everest, as his friend, Ralph James was one of the 65 men aboard the "Trout." The officers and men of the "Trout" were awarded the silver star for their daring operations in the Philippines in 1942. Each sub had a crew of 65 and these two losses brought the total of subs lost to 27 since the war started. Marian Everest Healy was training on the telephone switchboard that week, and Jessie Sawyer was working there for the second week. In 1964 this week, the weather began cold and nasty but the rest of the week was "lovely." For Father's Day, Carol (Everest) Pedersen took her Dad, Mom, daughter Kay and son Marshall, and two grandsons, Tim and Mark, out to dinner. Then Frank, Carolyn and Lori Ann Pedersen showed up and Frank took his Grandpa Ralph fishing, with the whole group meeting back at the Everest house for cake and coffee. The following day the Everests went to Seaside and Astoria with Howard Murphy and his mother, and they had a very nice trip. In between the travels that week, Grandma Elsie was busy painting the bathroom and bedroom. Crystal green and candlelight ivory were the chosen colors. She was happy to have it all done by the end of the week. All this according to Grandma Elsie Everest's diaries.


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