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Avoiding scams; traffic safety

This summer turned out to be a pretty safe one as far as crime is concerned. One particular con that cropped up again however was “theft by fraud” through persons acting as contractors promising services that were not rendered or completed. We had three such cases involving pavers who approached home owners, promising to pave their driveways at a low price. When the job was only half finished or shoddily done, they demanded payment of thousands of dollars over their originally quoted price. Feeling powerless and coerced, the victims paid the “contractors” what they demanded. In one case they emptied their savings account. The Sheriff's Office is actively investigating these cases and is following leads. What homeowners are advised to do in situations where solicitors knock on their door offering contract services is to require the contractor provide their license, bond, and insurance information. Verify that it is a legitimate business first. Ask for references as well and verify they have provided quality services to others. Finally, get any quote or detailed estimate in writing.

Deputy Mark Hake is our school liaison deputy and would like to share a few words about traffic safety at the start of the new school year:

“It’s that time of the year again where students will be returning back to school and parents breathe a sigh of relief! The Sheriff’s Office wishes to remind drivers to use caution while driving in and about the school districts. Please be mindful of speed limits and crosswalks where children may be crossing, as they may not be paying attention to oncoming traffic. Please remember to come to a complete stop at stop signs. Last year a number of motorists failed to do, instead looking for oncoming traffic and not small children who were about to make their way onto the crosswalk, nearly resulting in some potentially life changing events.

"While many residents consider children going to and from school during regular school hours, be aware there are a number of activities that go on after hours where children are present. So please be aware of your surroundings. Furthermore, please note the traffic pattern change at the Middle School; it is specifically designed to enhance school zone safety for children to safely make it into school. A number of drivers were cited for failing to stop for school buses flashing red lights as children were either loading or unloading. The Sheriff’s Office urges you to be a safe and attentive driver to avoid a life changing event not only for yourself but a child and their family.”

Have a safe and wonderful autumn.


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