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Time to think about Christmas cards

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November 24, 2016

THIS IS IT--It's that time of year when the kitchen is really bustling, as things are being made ready for the big Thanksgiving feast! I hope you are joined by friends and family and just having a great time enjoying one another's company as Thanksgiving Day is here!

I hope you've had your warm clothes handy, as the temperatures have dropped out here in West Valley, and I can't say I've enjoyed them much, as the 30-some degree temps seem to chill me to the bone! Here's hoping for a little bit of a warm-up as the holiday arrives.

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from Nov. 23-30 are Dana Montgomery, Danny Silverman, Matt Helm II, Sharon Deaton, Sarah Clark, Don Ross, Linda Ostervold, Mike Paulsen, Terri Slape, Jace Gibson, Trace Tarabochia, Shane Souvenir, Dominic Diaz, Drake Cook, Robert Kyle, Nancy Good Garcia, Kevin Palmer and Hank Ferguson.

Belated birthday wishes to Phil Corbin who turned 80 earlier this month, to Layton Elliott who celebrated his big day on the 17th, to R.J. Miller, grandson of Gene and Karen Healy and to Jody Kephart who not only celebrated her birthday last week but a one year anniversary with her significant other. Hope your special days were wonderful!

Those celebrating anniversaries this week are Jim and Bernie Mendoza, Rick and Jenny Benfit, Tom and Rosalie Webb and Sherry and Mark McCormack. Happy days to one and all!

MOVIE--There will be a free movie the day after Thanksgiving, Nov. 25, so head to the Cathlamet Community Center and check that out if you're interested in some foreign city and communication things that came from a faraway land. This movie does not appear to be for youngsters. You can check with the center about its true title, and as always, the movies start at 7 p.m.

DAYS AFTER THE FEAST--Once you have your celebration on Thursday, you might want to head to Kyle Gribskov's Glassblowing shop, at 123 Middle Valley Road here in Skamokawa and check out all his sale items. He'll be open from 10 to 5, both Friday and Saturday, Nov. 25-26.

As always, Redmen Hall will be all decked out for the holidays and they will be showcasing many of our local talented people's work, from jewelry, to paintings, soaps, hand made scarves, food items, a new line of children's books and more, so head to Redmen Hall this Friday as the beginning of the Christmas season begins at noon on Friday, the 25th. The holiday sale will continue through Dec. 11 at their usual Thursday through Sunday times, which are noon to four. For more info call 795-3007.

It's also time to head to all the other local shops in our area. You can do that Friday night during the Christmas lighting of the tree in Cathlamet, as stores will extend their evening hours and there will also be some specialty items in the lobby of the Hotel Cathlamet, so let's all get out there and shop local.

STAR PROGRAM--We hope you'll be able to provide a gift for a child who may otherwise not have a very enjoyable Christmas, by taking a star off of one of the area's "Star Trees." Locally, the trees with the stars on them are located at The Duck Inn or the Skamokawa Store.If you don't have time to actually go and shop for a child, you can always donate some money so that those in charge of this program can go and do the shopping for you so that these children have a wonderful Christmas too! Want to send in a donation? Mail it to Star Program, P.O. Box 276, Cathlamet, WA 98612.

NORSE HALL--Just another quick reminder that all children under 10 years of age, are welcome to come to the Norse Hall on Sunday, Dec. 4 from 2 to 4 p.m., where they can color, enjoy a little tasty treat, enjoy some cookie decorating, and they can even receive a little treat from Santa! The grownups can bring their cameras so they can take that cute snapshot of their children, and they can also pick up some yummy Scandanavian goodies for their holiday guests.

All Sons of Norway members are reminded that their annual Christmas dinner will be held that first Wednesday of December, which is Dec. 7 this year, at the Norse Hall on Puget Island.

GET WELL--We've been hearing quite a few people mention various health issues lately, and for those of you who are on that get well list, we hope you feel better every day. For those of you who are dealing with life threatening issues, we want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers, as you go through treatments, make numerous hospital visits and you keep fighting to make it through one more day. Your strength in this fight has not gone unnoticed. Hugs to all of you!

SYMPATHIES--We want to extend our sypathies to the family of Myrtle Gorley, as she passed away recently at the age of 95. When I moved back to Cathlamet, she was one of the first people I ran into as her husband at that time, was Heston Gross, and they had the grocery store right across from where I lived. Later on, she would be living in that very same place that I had lived in, when the Hotel Cathlamet turned into an Assisted Living establishment.

Also, we extend our sympathies to the family of Steven McNicholas, who lived in the area for several years, and was once a business partner with one of my cousins; small world. Also, Cindy Seaberg Faubian posted an obituary of her great aunt, Anna Loucille Bolinger Edwards of Huntsville, Arkansas, who passed away recently. Cindy was able to attend her services, which were held back in Arkansas, this past Saturday, Nov. 19. Our sympathies to all of her family members.

CHRISTMAS CARDS--I know that in this era of emails, texts, Facebook and Facetime and such, that writing a letter or sending a card seems to just be a very old-fashioned idea. However, there just doesn't seem to be anything that quite matches the feeling of getting a real card or letter in the mail during the holidays, so I hope you'll take a few minutes to make out a few during this special time, so that the special people in your life, know just how you feel about them. If you've got a little extra time, or your Sunday school class or school kids would like to do something nice for someone, why not make out some cards for our Veterans and send them. It sure would be a nice thing to do for those that may not get many cards at all. If you do send them to hospitals or nursing homes or care centers, please do not send cards with a lot of glitter and things on them as they not only can make a big mess to clean up, but they can cause health problems as well. At any rate, here's to all of you who are still supporting our postal system and making someone smile!

OUT OF THE PAST--This week back in 1961, the week began gray and gloomy and ended with some really horrible weather, as it got cold, then poured and blew and was just not a great weather week. Birthdays this week included J.F. Kennedy Jr., Carolyn Kennedy, Bethenia Foster, Dean Shane and new baby girls born to Bob and Barbara Shane and Tammy Rose Bain, while a boy arrirved for the Eli Doumits. For Ralph and Elsie Everest, Thanksgiving Day dinner was spent over at daughter Carol's house, with son-in-law, Krist Pedersen coming to pick up the pair in the afternoon. The table and feast were enjoyed by all, which included Carolyn Madsen, Frank Pedersen's would be bride, and Peggy Peterson, Krist's sister and also Marian Healy (Carol's sister) who joined them for dessert later on in the evening. With the new "Hi-Fi Stereo Console" playing nice soft music, my Grandma Elsie said it was a most pleasant day! The following day, the Delbert Anderson family was injured when they were in a bad accident with a Mrs. Olmstead of Salem. Surgery was performed for Dorothy Anderson that evening, as she was the most seriously injured. Grandma talked to MyLou Johnson for quite some time that week, as her husband's (Dick Johnson) Mother, Clara Johnson had recently had a heart attack. Grandma got a card off to her right away. The Home Ec Club met at Mildred Kerstetter's and everyone had a great time, and with the peppy bunch, the meeting ran extra long and Grandma Elsie came home late! Grandpa Everest wasn't feeling well and so Grandma stayed home from the Rebekahs' Lodge meeting, but Alice Ott was nice enough to call Grandma and let her know what was going on although the biggest news was that Vera Hosley was there to pay the group a visit. By the end of the week, Grandma Elsie wasn't feeling so well either, and so ended the month of November. All this according to my Grandma Elsie Everest's 1961 diary.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING--Here's wishing everyone a Thanksgiving bounty consisting of an entree of delicous food, followed by the main dish of love and family and topped off with an extra dose of kindness and goodwill towards our fellow man, while being thankful for everything and everyone in our lives. Enjoy!


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