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Fake news and 'beliefs' abound


To The Eagle:

Reading the lengthy letter to the editor in the Feb. 23 edition: I find it irresistible to not respond. I usually get enough of this sort on Facebook. When I find unsubstantiated claims, I usually try do some research. Being retired and not having nice weather allows all sorting of facts and fictional stories. I love fiction stories, but not when pushed as being true facts. Main thing was a divided nation being blamed on the media. I find that is an opinion which many have. My opinion is that it is the fault of the politicians from two parties who seem to care more about party and donations than they do of the American public.

Fact is, Trump was elected by 26 percent of eligible voters. Shame on the majority not casting a vote. Perhaps the ones not voting should not be allowed to complain, I did vote, always do. That those people are finally awakened (I hope), to raise their concern of where we are heading, certainly who is the ‘captain’ of our ship, certainly is being appreciated by me and felt by politicians.

Following Trump's message of fake news, which is anything contrary to his thinking, but not actually fake, biased perhaps, such as certain other outlets are biased for him. This is like a little kid, saying, “I don’t want to hear it,” being told to be nice. There also (following in Trump's message) is continued mention of Clinton, who was not elected.

The letter I am responding to uses a lie about Huma being connected to Muslim Brotherhood. She lived in Saudi Arabia, did some work for a journal for minority affairs; there are no ties of truth to her connected to MB. In the same vein, I can find no mention of Sharia Law in Hamtramck, other than on Snopes. It did, however, point out a Muslim majority was voted to the town council, big difference. Though they don’t appreciate the call to prayer five times daily, this I can understand. As for the ‘terrorists' in this country, please note most were Americans, and outside 9/11, the worst were white Americans. Spreading fear is a powerful weapon.

The Clinton Foundation was brought up, (again, Clinton not elected), but they actually did do a lot of good fighting AIDS compared to the illegal Trump foundation, now defunct. The Tim Kaine connection was fake news by Breitbart, who is now in close in the White House. Pres. Clinton did not pardon the crooked Mezvinsky, so the son is another ‘no story’ in the article, as Clinton was not elected. Do you see a pattern here?

The writer seems to say (seems) that compassion is hogwash, with the family separation of illegals. I am a legal immigrant and would like all immigration to be legal, so I wish our two parties would get together and do the immigration reform, which has been discussed for many years. Yes, if I lived where many who came here illegally did, I would take a chance to make a life worth living for my children. I thank God I wasn’t forced to such extremes. Most of them have worked hard to do just that, doing mostly what ‘our people’ won’t do. I also see some, who I suspect are illegally here, recite the pledge of allegiance at our high school games. Many companies depend on foreigners to do many jobs which our expensive colleges cannot fulfill.

I will not bash our president, but I am seriously concerned with someone who repeatedly tells stories that are not true and who constantly needs to hear himself say how grandly he won the 26 percent of eligible voters.

May God bless America and its lazy people who are not fact checking.

Poul Toftemark



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