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William Reed Dasch


March 16, 2017

William “Big Bill” Reed Dasch died February 14, 2017. He was raised in Cathlamet Washington, born January 10, 1944 to his parents Wilma and Dale Dasch. Reed's parents had one of those households that had a revolving door of people helping people. This revolving door of helpfulness was instrumental in producing one of the many puzzle pieces of Reeds life. Many of his life character traits and life events created the unique puzzle known as Reeds' life. Beginning with the support of his parents' generosity, the opportunity of growing up in small town USA, the affection he held close for his class mates from WA-Ki-HI he took that and shared it with everyone he knew or touched. Be it coaching, referring, supervising, or otherwise it was where Reed called home.

Reed was also a writer. He held the distinct honor of having been published several times in popular magazines such as Playboy and Rolling Stones to name just a few. He enjoyed his high school newspaper where he had a column that reviewed the hottest sports cars for the 50' thru the 60' with his own personal comments of style, power and a few fun quotes of humor sprinkled throughout each article. His academic career began with Wahkiakum High School, followed by college at Seal Beach CA, USC, and UNM. He earned a bachelor's degree in administration, physical education and two master's degrees.

Reed was a very involved leader, he wanted to be there for his team by involving himself in their lives. Involvement in his teams produced a fulfilling life of coaching. Be it as a coach for his sport or a coach for his staff, he was always proud of his team. Sonia Aldana said, "I admired him the most for treating everyone equally and for being the voice and support of those who were not strong enough. He especially wanted to be "fair" to those who didn't love the Celtics. He would do his best to be somewhat humble when your team lost to his Lucky Leprechauns.

One of the reoccurring puzzle pieces that all of us felt was Reed's ability to love and support. Stephanie Vargas put it well when she stated, "Reed was a friend first before asking you to do was about you." He supported those around him with little attention paid to himself. He made things fun for his beloved. As Samantha said Uncle Reed had fun be it dancing, singing, or rolling his eyes at 7:30 in the morning, he made life fun. Crystal Archuleta said "he was always intent on promoting harmony in Washington, California, and New Mexico. In each place, he shared his life's gifts with ease, humility, and humor.

Because he was a private man many of us were not aware of his contributions and willingness to serve the public be it coaching, Parks and Recreation and in Law Enforcement. Such awards as the "Joe P" award, for seniors. The rarely given and first time for a white man to receive the Honor of Flags of the Navaho Nation that now reside in the archives and signed by the Governor of Arizona and New Mexico. We know he was just as important to his past teammates as he was to all of us.

Something that has been mentioned relevant to Reed's unique life was that he had a big beautiful heart. Although he is no longer in our daily lives his spirit will continue to affect us all.

We are not to question the time of his lifelong race. Our job is not to referee or judge Reed's playbook. In the game of life, we could all identify a page unturned, a play not perfected, or a race not won for less than perfect reasons. But only our maker knows the true reason for the unanswered prayers, the missed matches, or the low scorecards. It is he that makes all of this seem possible, distorted perfection a truly magnificent field of equipment and chalk lines. We are not to morn Reed's departure. We know and believe that just by stretching out the hand, the waiting hand will clasp our own once more.

Catch the next wave in honor of Reed.

Service to be announced at a later date

Donations are suggested to Wahkiakum High School, PO Box 398, Cathlamet, WA 98612, in memory of Reed Dasch.

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