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Tips for unvolunteering to pay federal taxes


April 20, 2017

To The Eagle:

Early last year I encouraged everyone in Wahkiakum County to exercise their option to drop their membership in the Federal Income Tax club. I have done so and now can never volunteer to join again.

Most folks are afraid to even think about doing this. Let me make a few comments to reduce the fear factor.

The IRS says it is a voluntary tax. It is. They just don’t give you a clear understanding of how you volunteered. You volunteered by filing an IRS form.

Just look at the name of the tax. It establishes a tax on federal income. Most people do not have federal income. So most people should never have filed. But, like me, you probably did because you didn’t know any better.

Let me suggest some steps you can take to get comfortable with the idea of unvolunteering.

First go to a law library, online or otherwise, and look at 26 USC Art. 6013(g)(4)(A) Revocation by taxpayer. This will show you the tax code itself allows taxpayers to unvolunteer. The tricky legal language will no doubt seem confusing but don’t let that stop you.

Next you want to go online and look up the website. There you will find the tricky legalese explained. Be warned that it is still convoluted and tricky. But it does guide you through to the discovery of whether or not you are liable for the Federal Income Tax. If you are not liable, and most of us are not, they will, upon payment for their services, guide you through the process of Revocation of Election. And that means you never have to pay income tax again.

Gilbert Vik

Puget Island


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