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Trump could have saved us money


To The Eagle:

I’d like to offer another take on the cruise missile strike on the Syrian Air Force base. I noticed in a before-and-after photo spread that showed the Syrian fighter planes we blew to bits were MiG 21’s. Fantastic aircraft when they first flew in 1954 (gas was 12 cents a gallon). The Russians built 10,000 of them, the Chinese probably another 3,000. A lot of them are still around. Even though they are Mach II aircraft, they are gas guzzlers and didn’t have much range. Still highly effective against camels and Toyotas.

Tomahawk cruise missiles are estimated to cost between $800k and $1.3 million each. Let’s round it off to $1 million. You can buy a MiG 21 on E-bay for about $185k. Seriously. We launched 59 Tomahawks and let’s say for argument, each one killed a MiG.

If Trump is such a master of deal-making, why didn’t he offer Bashir market value for the MiGs (Typical Gun Buy-back scheme) and save us the difference in cost. ($1million minus $185k = $815k per MiG x 59 MiGs = $48,085,000). Bashir loses the MiGs either way but walks away with a cool $10 million plus and we save over $48 million. Seems like that’s what the Deal-Maker in Chief could’ve done.

Maybe gun buy-backs aren’t that great an idea.

Robert L. Jungers



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