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Writer issues challenge for current events debate


To The Eagle:

I declare myself in response to Howard Brawn’s and in support of J.B. Bouchard’s recent letters to The Eagle.

I am perhaps brain dead and I have been irresponsible as a citizen of the United States not to insure that Trump would not be elected president. He will never earn a capital “P” from me. But who would have thought… , but I understand, members of both parties have been irresponsible to America and Americans' needs.

Change was needed but not Trump. But with my faults, I do take pride in knowing the facts and using facts in a discussion. When I do not know, I say, I do not know. I do not lie, like the man we elected president; yes amazing.

Upon the many positive comments in J.B.’s letter, possibly eluded to, is that under the Trump administration there will be efforts (perhaps executive orders) to stop science, scientific investigation (one definition of science is knowledge) to find facts to inform us to help us make informative decisions.

Moving to the Trump's “right,” efforts will be made to dumb down America. An uninformed electorate will make decisions based on fear, a FOX News exclusive. We can follow other nations whose mandate for governance is based on fear. Look around the world. Regarding facts and one of Howard’s comments, I believe the near economic default of the US occurred in the Bush administration, while yes, the Obama administration bailed out a lot of industries. And just think, Trump is going to do away with Todd-Frank banking regulations; fortunate us.

In summary to Howard's suggestion, I want to stand up and invite him to debate me in a town hall meeting on the pros and cons of the current administration and Trump. Perhaps even better, invite the HS civics class; invite all HS students. We too can invite Kellyanne Conway on how we can all use “alternate facts” to move America and Americans forward. Howard, from personal experience, ignorance is terrible! To remain ignorant is worse.

Dennis T. Gordon

Puget Island


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