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A MIX--We had some pretty warm days last weekend, but by the time you read this, it's supposed to have cooled down and maybe even rained, so we have really had some "yo-yo" weather around here lately! Umbrellas for shade one day and wearing flip-flops and the next thing you know, we're still using umbrellas but we've got boots on to wade through all the puddles! Let's just hope the weekend will be decent as there's a lot going on and we'd all rather see dry than wet!

SPECIAL DAYS--The following people will celebrate their birthdays from June 1-8: Gary Emery, Becca Keilwitz, Roger Davis, Tori Wegdahl, Mike Wegdahl, Gale Luthi, Jill Havens, Terry Vik, Annika Vik, Tracy Cleveland, Robyn Longtain, Lamar Blix, Derrick Bardsley, Shannon Cochran and Brian Good. Belated birthday wishes to Justin Rainey who turned 15 yesterday. I also learned the date of a birthday of someone else, which I didn't know before, and that was of Nancy Corbin who celebrated her big day at the beginning of this week, so belated birthday wishes to her as well; she said she had an awesome day!

Celebrating their anniversaries this week are Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Melton, Mr. and Mrs. Skip Nortrup, Robert and Karla Kyle and fellow classmate, Sharon Stout Servis and her hubby BJ are celebrating their 50th anniversary, so a hearty congratulations to them!

THIS IS IT-CAR SHOW!--After a scorching year last year at the annual Wahkiakum Dollars for Scholars Rods and Reels Run, we were all hoping for a bit of a cooler day, but hopefully, no heavy rains either; we want it just right, so here's hoping it turns out nice! But, no matter what, the Wahkiakum County Fairgrounds and adjacent county park, will be seeing lots of people and lots of cars, so we hope to see you there! The event is from 8 to 2 this year, and there's all the usual stuff going on as well as some great extras, like the raffling off of a 1974 Ford Ranchero, and I saw that one of the big prizes is a refrigerator painted up for every guy's man cave, as it's black with flames on it; so cool! Remember, this event has no entry fee for those who just want to come in and look around, so don't stay away for that reason, as free is a great deal! Also free, is the Kid's Trout Pond; if you think you're going to spend some time down there, you might want to bring a small cooler or something with some ice in it, to keep your fish good and fresh! Lunch isn't free, unless you entered a car, but it is available at a reasonable price so don't miss out on that. The prize tables are going to be awesome as always and you will need to be there for the drawing, but beings the event was shortened a bit from previous years, you'll be able to get home plenty early. So, come on down to the fairgrounds and the WDFS car show and help support our kids who benefit from the scholarships that are awarded from this group every year; it's a win-win for everybody!

CHURCH BREAKFAST--If you're good and hungry on Saturday morning, why not head to the United Methodist Church here in Skamokawa and enjoy a great breakfast prior to the car show? You're going to need some extra energy that day anyway, as walking through all those cars and raffle tables will be exhausting, so come on down between 7 and 10 a.m., and get your fill!

CLOTHING LINE--If you ladies want to take in a little extra shopping while you're in the Skamokawa area checking out the car show, you might want to head over to the Skamokawa Resort. There's going to be another "LulaRoe" Clothing show in the conference room behind the Skamokawa General Store this weekend. I'm told they have a wide array of items on hand, with lots of styles, colors and sizes, so among the 900 things they're saying they have, something is bound to strike your fancy!

FOS--Once you've checked out the clothes line at the resort or gotten a new t-shirt or sweatshirt at the Skamokawa General Store, you can walk across the street, and go through the historic Redmen Hall, operated by the Friends of Skamokawa. This building has a lot of history, and it also holds a gift and book shop, as well as a wonderful upstairs, which houses the River Life Interpretive Center. Currently, there is a fantastic exhibit featuring the Women of Wahkiakum County, and showcases the many talents of our local ladies. You can check this out from noon to four, Thursday through Sunday. Call 795-3007 for more information.

A new exhibit is in the works but the FOS and other active artists who are going together on this one, need your help! They are asking for people of all ages to paricipate in "For the Love of the River," so if you paint, take photos, write or do something else that embraces our mighty Columbia River, they would love for you to contact them and start putting together this new venue. It would run from July 8 until Labor Day, so please think about contacting them and being a part of this newest exhibit where all locals can be featured at the hall in this unique setting.

GRADUATION--It's hard to believe but graduation time is almost upon us. Naselle will actually have theirs this week but Wahkiakum High School Seniors will be handed those diplomas on June 9, so here's wishing them all the best. My advice for all the graduates remains the same: "As you go out into the world to further your education or take on that first big job, remember: You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one; it can literally make or break you."

Here's to a wonderful, fun and safe graduation next Friday night!

67'ERS MET--Some "older graduates" met last week from the Class of 1967, and it was hard to believe that a Fifty Year Class Reunion was in the works! Where has that time gone?! It seems our conversations went from who we wanted to go out with to Prom, to what Medicare supplements we should buy, in a split second! As I've mentioned before, the class will gather for a potluck at Dale Jacoboson's house in Cathlamet, (330 2nd St., near the Marina) on Bald Eagle Day, July 15, shortly after the parade, approx. 1:30 p.m. So for all of you with friends, brothers, sisters and cousins and neighbors who had once gone to school in Wahkiakum County with the Class of 1967, please let them know that we're getting together that day, as it would be great to see them!

ISS--Did you happen to look up into the sky last Friday night around 10:02 p.m., and see the International Space Station fly overhead? I stood out in the middle of our yard, looked West, and I didn't wait but just a couple of minutes, and here it came, right over the top of us, headed East. Thankfully it was a wonderful, clear night for a change and the space station showed up right on time and clear as a bell; pretty neat! Always pretty fantastic to think there are people up there and zipping around the earth at that speed; so amazing I think!

GREAT BIRTHDAY GATHERING--It's not often that the Sechler-Good kids get together, so it was fun to have my three kids in one spot this past Monday when my daughter, Lisa, celebrated her birthday. Her brother, Pete, had just had his birthday a couple weeks earlier, and her brother, Brian was having his this Friday, so it was a triple cake kind of a day; after a triple selection of pizzas provided by Pete, so that was a yummy lunch indeed!

Pete had just returned from Key West where he and his life-long friends, Pat Shanahan and Henry Pype, took a few days to soak in some sun and fun while they celebrated Pat's 50th birthday, so I'm guessing it will be kind of nice to just stay put and kick back and stay home for a bit after all these birthday doings are over!

SAD TIMES--Sadly, we have lost two more people this past week that I've known for years and years, and they will truly be missed by all their friends and family members. We want to offer our sincerest sympathies to the families of Teed Prestegard and Doris Takko, who both passed away this last weekend. I have yet to hear any positive dates for services, other than Doris' will probably be held a little later this month. May they rest in peace. As we have seen all too often lately, none of us are promised tomorrow, so give your loved ones a hug today.

COMING UP--Besides the graduation doings coming up, there will be the monthly Flea Market at the Wahkiakum Fairgrounds on June 10 from 9 to 3. That evening, at 6 p.m., there will be bingo at the Norse Hall, put on by the Sons of Norway. They will have their monthly meeting on June 7. On June 17, there will be a Father's Day Rod Run to the Roadkill Saloon. You'll be back at the fairgrounds on June 24 as all the horse lovers are looking forward to the start of the Silver Buckle series. The last Friday - Sunday of June will be the huge Puget Island Garage and Yard Sale, so you won't want to miss that event, as it's always a big hit! Needless to say, there's plenty to do this coming month, so get your most comfy shoes on and get ready to take part in the fun!


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