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August 3, 2017

To The Eagle:

Keep in mind, I am chuckling as I write this serious comment. Mostly because I find it so absurd, the place our 26 percent of eligible voters put us in. Also I don’t want to cry, literally.

I find it difficult to stomach, when someone is in disagreement with the direction of the government, called such as “whining,” while at the same time ‘whines’ about our last president and the not elected candidate. Such a weak argument is needed to defend our president, who has had more White House turmoil in six months than Obama’s eight years. Many ugly things have now, by supporters, been accepted as ‘normal’ way of government. Latest addition to White House, would in the ‘saner’ days, been booted with the first rant, so far he’d never be heard of again. I get embarrassed every time I get a comment from my Danish cousins.

I personally didn’t agree with bailing out the banks, but we were in a hole from past practices. Now seems the Republicans are taking out the regulations, meant to avoid another meltdown. Albeit slowly, we did get out of that hole. One complaint I hear quite often now, “I can’t find help or workers” needed, by businesses, so we came a long way.

California was also mentioned, about a Rep. governor, who by the way dislikes Trump and did not vote for him. California, now with Dem. governor, is keeping the growth going, being the 5th largest economy in the world. Solyndra as well was brought up. Try to look up its reasons for failure. There were many, including unfair Chinese practices. The world is passing us by, on green technology, in part for that failure. I see a lot of new innovations coming from ‘little’ Denmark, as I have many relatives there, sharing such. No new product has made it, without ups and downs. Right now, green energy is providing many more jobs, than the oil and coal combined. Europe and China are moving ahead of us now on that front.

The latest blatant lie from our president, “I conferred with our military” to deny service of transgendered people, boggles my mind, certainly not his first one. As I see it, Trump’s main goal, is to erase Obama’s name from history and building a gilded tower in Moscow.

Fortunately there are Republicans in the Senate and Congress, who believe in our Democracy, putting the brakes on the downhill slide. I’m sure Putin thought Trump would be able to get the finances of the Oligarchs loosened. Thank God it was seen by Congress as such!

The ACA, which has helped so many millions, my family as well, getting a small discount, on out of control medical and prescription cost, rising and in turn raising insurance costs. Can’t help but thank McCain, for realizing the surgery he just had, without insurance would have bankrupted or killed most! Seems the Republicans in Congress and Senate should be embarrassed at ‘whining’ and wasting so much time voting on something they knew would be vetoed, in other words safely posturing. Then, when finally able, had nothing ready to propose. Hell-bent to erase the ‘black president’s’ accomplishment, which by the way many Republicans had tried and failed to do. Unable to eat humble pie and fix the problems with ACA, to me is very sad.

I still have hopes for this administration to keep this country relevant in the world, but my hopes get dashed almost daily. Acceptance of horrible behavior, including a terrible speech to our young scouts, which brought to mind other leaders from the past. Being from Europe, wasn’t too long ago, born in 1944. I’m sure I’ll hear about that, but my cousin remarked the same.

Lastly, I pray our country and its leaders, will find its morals and self esteem again, bringing good for the world.

Poul Toftemark



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