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August 10, 2017

To The Eagle:

The wilds of western Wahkiakum, the "outback" of greater metropolitan Cathlamet, is home to three of my greatest local heroes in the continuing battle against the encroachment of overweening government and bureaucracy. They are: Maury Mooers, for his valiant stand against the Corps of Engineers in the Steamboat Slough Struggle, the late Del Frederickson, who put Grays River back in its banks, and Poul Toftemark, who, with patience and forbearance, stopped Columbia Land Trust's destruction of the Kandoll Road environs. So, in responding to Poul's observations in last week's Eagle, may I disagree without disrespect? Ain't whinin', either.

Bailout: Post-crash legislation (Dodd-Frank) needs revision because it is based on the flawed concept "too big to fail" and does a couple bad things: ensures future bailouts and raises the dues too high for smaller banks and startups, stifling competition and innovation -- a form of "pay to play."

California: Keeping the growth up in what? In the decade ending a couple of years ago they lost 5 million residents (600,000 to Texas alone). 5th largest economy? Recent GDP changes put them at 11th -- below France but still ahead of Mexico. Illegal immigration is up, sanctuary cities are up, housing cost, cost of living, and poverty rate are among the highest in the nation. There's growth for you!

ACA (Obamacare): Self destructing all on its own -- no help needed from Trump or Republicans. Most coops are gone, many exchanges down to one "choice," and premiums have skyrocketed. Republicans have dithered around ineffectually between "repeal and replace" or "modify" and, to their discredit accomplished nothing. No argument there.

Whining: coming from my background in the military and international aviation, I was appalled at our previous prez's squandering our gains in Iraq and Afghanistan, for which we sacrificed blood and treasure, and inappropriate appeasement in Iran and Syria; and, our "unelected candidate's" desertion of our people in Benghazi, and broadcasting sensitive security info into cyberspace. Most of that turmoil in the capitol is their supporters' (swamp denizens) betrayals and near treasonous leakage in an attempt to defenestrate Donald.

I believe politicians should be limited to two terms: one in office, one in jail. Since Obama got two in office, it would seem fair if Hillary got two in prison. That's not a whine; it's a judicious recommendation.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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