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A lot of untruths are floating around


August 24, 2017

To The Eagle:

We have an awesome community here in the outback of Wahkiakum County, able to stand up to political giants. A lot of the outback success has a lot to do with our support of each other, including packing community halls; also our county commissioners, with whom we stood up to the Department of Ecology enough to deny them spreading crap next to our river. I personally have to thank our congresswoman for a mid-winter victory against Corps of Engineers for which I am sure we got blacklisted.

On the Affordable Care Act, I find it strange, that most presidents in the last century have tried to get some sort of health care established. Now that our first black president got that in, Republicans are stumbling over themselves to undercut it any way they can, to make it fail instead of fixing its flaws.

The "fiscally responsible Republicans" are equal spenders, only different spending. Republicans seem hell bent on war spending in the name of defense, while the Democrats try to tackle social needs--people needs--and called bad names for that. There is big hoopla over cutting programs that actually do some good so there can be another aircraft carrier built, while cutting spending on cyber-security, which I believe is equally dangerous for our country. I, too spent time in the military, looking at eastern Europe across the wall and fences.

Blaming Obama for the problems in Afghanistan and Iraq while forgetting Bush got us into war with a sovereign country, on false claims, seems a little partisan oriented.

A statement that Hillary Clinton broadcast sensitive security information into cyberspace takes the cake of partisan BS. She was continually investigated by persons who admitted that the investigation was politically motivated. Subsequently, Trump invites Russians into the White House, lets them take photos while our press is locked out, and then gives top secret info to the Russians, outing an Israeli operative in the motion.

Poul Toftemark



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