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What love does: One family's story


August 24, 2017

To The Eagle:

As military veteran, public servant, just living in America, I have happened to notice that we are a nation of assimilation!

I may not like a neighbor, but I will defend their right to free speech. And expect patriotism.

Change starts with you. If you go directly to violence instead of a public office, or activism, non-violent, your agenda is a loser, and you need help.

My ancestors were immigrants. We crossed into this territory by boat, refugees from Norway, outlaws, shunned there. Canada didn't have R.C.M.P. then, just natives and Scanda-hooligans. As entrepreneurs, we brought food, by boat and cart, to other settlers, married Arctic tribal people, and so, although Norge-Anglo, a mixed race and assimilated. Now family includes Syrian Christian and Afro-American members. Ironic, what love does? Now, we are all same blood, family, American, patriots.

Jerald Meiers



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