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October 5, 2017

NOT TOO BAD--We had a couple of very warm days last week, as it was up in the mid-80s, which isn't too shabby for the end of September, but as of last weekend, it looked like we were back into a little more fall-like weather, with sun one minute and rain the next. We started this work week with lots of fog and temperatures in the 40's, so things are definitely cooling down. This week's forecast isn't looking too bad, so here's to a decent weekend so that all the people holding big events, and those attending them, can enjoy their events without getting poured on!

FRIDAY NIGHT--The Mules football team came home from Mossyrock last week with a nice win, so we hope their home game against an always tough Kalama team this Friday night, Oct. 6, turns out as well. They only have two more home games in the regular season, which both happen this month, Oct. 13 against Toldeo and Toutle Lake on Oct. 27, so they hope you'll be there to cheer them on. Go Mules!

The Lady Mules play at home against Winlock, tonight, Oct. 5, and then they'll play two more games at home after that: Adna on Oct. 12 and Kalama Oct. 19. Go get'em Lady Mules!

FREE MOVIE--If you're not into football, maybe you want to catch the free movie that's happening this Friday night at 7 p.m., at the Community Center in Cathlamet? This is a drama with a PG rating and labeled for All Audiences. Don't forget, besides the free movie, there's free popcorn, so you can't get a cheaper night out than that! As always, children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult, and if you want a pizza to be delivered to the center to enjoy, give Sharon's Pizza Milll a call and they will deliver it to you about 6:45 p.mM. Enjoy!

GR BRIDGE DINNER--The biggest event going on this weekend is the Covered Bridge Lamp Lit Dinner in Grays River this Saturday at 4:30 p.m. The bridge will be closed from 9 a.m., to 9 p.m., that day. This event is part of the two day, "Columbia River Country Days," which has things going on Friday and Saturday. Contact the Wahkiakum County/WSU Extension Office for more information. Hurry and buy your tickets today!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from Oct. 5-11 are Deb Gribskov, Matt Helms, Jeff Baldwin, Justin McClain, Cindy Turner, Lisa Frink, Ivy Lou Vik, Kylee Montgomery, Collin Montgomery, Jessie Havens, Kari Claussen, Ron D. Cothren, Pete and Paul LaBerge, Kristina Heiner, Jesse Ellison, Doug Manary who is celebrating a milestone birthday and my only granddaughter, Tessa J. Sechler who is celebrating one of those milestone birthdays as well. Hope you all have wonderful birthday celebrations this coming week!

It looks like we had a couple of new birthdays to add to our list as Tricia Ferman became a first time Grandma recently, when Trey Jackson came into this world on Sept. 19. He is the son of Travis Jackson and Lyndsay Wilson. Congratulations to the new parents and proud Grandma Trish on the birth of her first grandson!

Also, Sherry Stewart announced a new baby in the family when her granddaughter, Brandi, had a baby boy on Sept. 25. He weighed 7½ pounds, was 20½ inches long, and was named Jaxon.

Susan Shane Edminster advised me that the family grew a little larger on her side when granddaughter, Michelle, gave birth to her third daughter, Amala Sage Berry on Sept. 27. She joins sisters Alex and Morgan. The newest member of the family and her folks, Michelle and Don, live in Montana. Congrats to them on this wonderful little bundle of joy!

Those celebrating anniversaries this week are Sue and Marty Kuller and Adam and Samantha Pedersen, who held their west coast wedding this week, while they had an east coast wedding last month! I wonder if they are celebrating twice?

GET WELL--Seems there are folks who have had to make hospital trips lately and those who have undergone some surgery lately so, we want to send our best "get well, stay well, hope you're better" wishes to Quin Bassi, Krasandra Burdick, Kelly Recupero, Laurie Miller, Terry Ostling, Dave Heiner, David Shrum and son Pete Sechler. Hopefully you will all be on the mend and heal quickly from your various health issues and/or surgeries.

RELIEF FOR PUERTO RICO--We are all well aware of the tragedy and devastation done recently to Pureto Rico by Hurricane Maria, and many people are eager to help them out, and are asking what they can do or where they can go to help. according to Carol McClain, the Skamokawa United Methodist Church will host a "Fall Stew with Cornbread meal" on Oct. 21 from 4-7 p.m., with 100 percent of the monies raised going towards the relief fund efforts in Puerto Rico. So here's your chance to take part in something very worthwhile and it's happening right here in Skamokawa. This will be a "donation" event, so we hope you will attend and give generously. There will also be coffee and cookies served, and if you'd like to donate some cookies to them, your help would surely be appreciated.

SAFE--Many local folks have family and friends in Las Vegas, so when a mass shooting occurred there this past Sunday evening, we were certainly shocked and saddened, but yet relieved to hear that the ones we knew, and several others, were safe and sound. A few folks, like WA-KI-HI graduate, Abby Buennagel, who lives in LV, is safe and sound, which was certainly a relief to her folks and brother over in Hawaii. Another graduate, Ursula Jorgensen, and whose family had lived in the county, has a sister, Ilise who lives in LV and she is fine as well. Members of the Cochran family reported their family members were safe, and seeings how one of them is a paramedic and one a police officer, it must have seemed like an enternity before they learned that both were alright. Lori Wika said that her kids are fine and Karen Johnson Lawrence was relieved to learn her brother was safe as well. I'm sure there were others who got good news, and for all of you, I'm so happy that you're loved ones were okay. I have yet to hear from anybody in our area who lost someone there, and I hope I don't, but if you did, please know that you're in our thoughts and prayers at this terrible and tragic time.

SMALL WORLD--It's always amazing when you find out that someone has "a link" to something that you never thought anyone around you would have, so when I got a phone call the other day with just that sort of thing, I could hardly wait to share the news with my oldest son, Pete. You see, I mentioned that he traveled back to Wisconsin recently to the burial place of some of his ancestors and visited the town of Sechlerville, where the land for the cemetery there was donated by the Sechler family and the town was named for the family as well. Much to my surrprise, I got a call from Pat Huxsahl, the late Bud Lindwall's significant other, and she told me that she used to be friends with the "Sechler kids" when she lived in Hixton. Wow, what are the odds? Thanks for the phone call Pat!

LISTINGS--Please check out your Community Calendar of Events at the Wahkiakum Chamber of Commerce website or check out this paper for all the action going on. Don't forget, the best way to get the word out about your event, is to advertise in The Eagle!

OUT OF THE PAST--This week back in 1947, the week was nice except for one dark and rainy day. On the day of the Pocahontas Club meeting, a fuse burned out just as the group started lunch, so everyone headed to the home of Elsie Everest and continued on with their lunch, dessert and meeting. It hadn't been a great start to the week, as the plumbing sprung a leak at the Everest home, but luckily Ted Maughan and Bill Wise showed up to fix it. The clean-up however was left to Grandma Elsie! The week didn't get much better when Grandma learned her brother, George was in the Veterans Hospital in Portland. Thankfully, friends like Mrs. Lund, Bertha Shuster, Mrs. Healy and George and Dora Friend stopped by and had nice visits, which helped cheer them all up. The next cheery event came when Grandma Elsie got to head up to Seattle to witness the installation of her niece, Pat Shane, as the Worthy Advisor of the University Assembly No. 13, Order of Rainbow for Girls. The biggest news in Cathlamet that week was the surprise announcement of the sale of the "Super Creamed Ice Cream Parlor," which was owned by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bozeman, to Cecil and Eva Houchen. This was a very quick decision on the part of the Bozemans the Houchens said, and Mrs. Bozeman said she was going to run the Liquor store, while husband Fred said that he was just going to go hunting! Sounded like a good deal all around! This according to my Grandma Elsie Everest's diary.

LEAVE A MESSAGE--If you have anything you'd like to share, please give me a call and, if I don't answer, leave a message on my answering machine. I won't get your "missed call" but I will get your "voicemail message." You can leave a short message or just leave your name and number and I'll get back to you. With so many scammers and robocalls these days, a "weird" number is not likely to get picked up, so if you're legit, leave a message! Thanks.


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