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Writer doesn't see them as successes


November 16, 2017

To The Eagle:

A recent contributor suggested honoring the year ago election of our current president by coming together in celebration. Presumably to do with the many successes. I'm game so allow me to name a few of the successes. Boy, where to start....

So far has managed to load his cabinet with ones willing to lie under oath. Nice touch to include his family members as advisors. Has instructed his base to ignore any news that doesn't flatter him and his administration’s many highly questionable actions. Has allowed and encouraged by his actions the rise of the radical right wing and neo Nazi groups. Has stated that he believes Putin over our own intelligence agencies. Has removed or rolled back nearly everything Obama did just because his base loves it. Removed people from our country that may have been here since they were two years old and sending them back to places they know nothing about. Doesn't matter if they are students in advanced degree programs, a 10 year old disabled girl in a hospital after an operation, or anybody else. Has tried over and over again to bar people from other countries from entering because of violence but it's the crazy white guys that are doing the slaughtering in our country. To his credit, there are a few folks in Puerto Rico with nice clean rolls of paper towels. The affordable care act has not been repaired or removed and now it's less affordable than before. Stay tuned as we're less than a year into this regime so I'm sure there will be many more successes to be celebrating but that's enough for this old guy to be thankful for. At this age I can only take so much.

James Roberts



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