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Writer used to be a Democrat


November 23, 2017

To the Eagle:

I know a pot store was opened in Cathlamet but after reading the three letters to the editor in last week’s Eagle I now wonder if a Kool-Aid stand opened too because the writers surely are drinking the stuff.

Fact 1, Donald Trump is our president. He is getting no help from Democrats and only marginal help from Republicans to accomplish anything for us especially bringing manufacturing jobs back to America which would benefit every man, woman and child in our country.

Fact 2, We need tax reform to boost our economy and create good paying jobs so good people can get off of welfare and food stamps; notice I said good people get off of welfare, but don't kid yourself a lot of people feel entitled to live off of the hard working tax payers with no shame.

Fact 3, I grew up with my family in New York City, five siblings (our father deserted us) and a mom. Welfare destroyed my mom's ambitions and took away her self esteem because the rotten system wouldn't allow her to even seek part time work without the threat of cutting off our assistance. I guess when they find you down the government wants to keep you down.

I can't even stomach the thought of a liar and thief like Hillary Clinton or a communist like Bernie Sanders (he claims to be socialist not much difference in my book) being our president. Thank God and a majority of electorial votes for that.

I am from Queens same as President Trump, so his tendency to tell it like it is, is refreshing as opposed to all the PC garbage and phony hurt feeling assertions we have to sift through on a daily basis.

I love my country, I served my country, I was a Democrat for most of my life and union president for about 20 years which should prove I have looked and lived on both sides of the political spectrum.

The main reasons I can't stand with the Democratic party anymore is threefold: 1. their policy of giving welfare forever instead of helping people find their talents to be productive in our economy, 2. I really dislike open borders and the big one, 3. how the hell can we as Americans look ourselves in the mirror when it is a very long and difficult process to adopt but we allow innocent babies to suffer death by abortion every hour of every day? The babies are innocent; it's not their fault their parents were too stupid or lazy to use a contraceptive.

Paul Schreiber



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