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This proud Democrat is willing to check the facts


November 30, 2017

To The Eagle:

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving.

I am thankful the stock market has been on a steady climb for eight years now; too bad I and many do not own stocks. Hopefully it will keep going that way. Trump and Republicans want to eliminate the Consumer Protection [Agency], which was initiated after the big bank and stock debacle in 2007. I am thankful employment rate is continuing to improve at the same steady rate it has for the last eight years. I am thankful some less fortunate people still get some medical insurance relief, despite Republicans attempt to undermine it to death. I am thankful we have cleaner air and water, despite Republicans trying to muddy the water with coal waste and coal smoke.

I am not thankful for the two negative letters last week. The Island writer I used to enjoy has been infected with ‘Trumpism’ of distortion, some call lies. This is quoted from the writer: “But he’s trying to do it with legislation, rather than imperial edict as Obama did.” What a distorted crock of you know what! Please, I beg of you Republicans, be proud, but use facts to bolster your pride. During same time period, Obama had 26 vs. 49 Trump executive orders. Trump has had no major legislation. Tax plan proposed would add $1.5 trillion to the debt, forcing cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and other small people items such as schooling, women’s health and more.

On the sexual misconduct comparisons, I will just say, when you live in a glass house, definitely not safety glass, do not throw stones.

The other letter was a bit misguided IMO, but one thing stood out, and that was making adoption easier. We have adopted; most people couldn’t, wouldn’t come up with the time and money it took us. Abortion has steadily been declining over the years, so why try to eliminate access to birth control and women’s health?

I am thankful our adopted son and I can go cut our Christmas tree right after our birthdays. I am thankful I am a Democrat willing to check facts and use them. BTW, I have always said Merry Christmas; it isn’t a ‘Trump thing’ or a Republican thing.

Poul Toftemark



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