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Sheriff's Report, February 15, 2018


February 15, 2018

Wahkiakum County law enforcement officers and emergency response personnel handled a variety of reports during the past week, including:

February 5 — 9:27 a.m. A caller reported a possible drunk driver in Cathlamet. 1:15 p.m. A representative from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board asked for a deputy to accompany him on a visit to a Puget Island address. 2:59 p.m. State patrol responded to an accident on SR 4 on KM. No injuries were reported. 3:34 p.m. A caller was concerned about two dogs running loose in Cathlamet. 3:51 p.m. A caller reported that a vehicle was blocking traffic on an Elochoman Valley road. 6:18 p.m. A caller reported a flashing light at a Deep River home. The homeowner was contacted.

February 6 — 7:35 a.m. A caller reported an erratic driver on SR 4 in the Rosedale area. 10:54 a.m. The Cathlamet ambulance aided a Skamokawa resident who had an allergic reaction to a medication. 12:56 p.m. A driver was cited for speeding on SR 4. 1:12 p.m. A caller reported that two men were fighting on River Street in Cathlamet. 1:22 p.m. An individual sailing in the Columbia River said that someone was shooting at him from the Altoona area. 1:30 p.m. A caller thought it was suspicious that a rider on a local bus had tossed a bicycle into a Puget Island ditch before boarding. 7:14 p.m. The westbound lane of Altoona-Pillar Rock Road was blocked by a slide and a tree that had come down. The county road department was notified. They marked it with cones and planned to clear it the next day. 7:25 p.m. A welfare check was requested for a Skamokawa resident.

February 7 — 9:32 a.m. A caller reported seeing an unattended baby in a vehicle in a Cathlamet parking lot. 9:43 a.m. A welfare check was requested for a Grays River ambulance. 10:48 a.m. An alarm was activated at a home on the east side of the county. 12:43 p.m. A driver was cited for having an expired registration and no insurance during a vehicle stop in Cathlamet. 5:17 p.m. The Cathlamet ambulance aided a Rosedale resident who had high blood pressure. 7:45 p.m. A driver requested assistance after locking his keys in a car while it was running. 7:55 p.m. An individual involved in a civil dispute reported a possible assault.

February 8 — 7:09 a.m. The Cathlamet ambulance aided a Cathlamet resident who had fallen and hit her head. 5:43 p.m. A welfare check was requested for a Cathlamet resident. 6:40 p.m. Several cows were loose in the Rosburg area. 11:45 p.m. An alarm was activated at an Elochoman Valley home. It turned out to be a septic alarm.

February 9 — 6:17 a.m. The Grays River ambulance aided a Rosburg resident complaining of abdominal pain. 9:45 a.m. An alarm was activated at an east county home. 10:23 a.m. A Rosburg resident reported a dispute over land. She was advised that it was a civil matter. 12:22 p.m. The Cathlamet ambulance aided an ailing Cathlamet resident. 2:39 p.m. The Cathlamet ambulance responded to a Cathlamet home, where a resident had fainted and was unresponsive. 11:39 p.m. A deputy was requested when unexpected activity was heard outside a Cathlamet business.

February 10 — 12:18 a.m. The sheriff’s office was asked to be on the lookout for a vehicle involved in a possible hit and run in Cowlitz County. 4:58 p.m. The door of an outbuilding at the high school in Cathlamet was found open. A deputy secured the building; nothing appeared to be out of order. 6:50 p.m. A caller reported that a vehicle heading east on SR 4 was trying to run cars off the road. A deputy was unable to locate the vehicle. 11:07 p.m. A caller reported that a vehicle had been left in the middle of an Elochoman Valley road.

February 11 — 1:29 a.m. A fire was reported at a two story home on East Valley Road; the Skamokawa Fire Department, PUD, sheriff’s office, and Skamokawa ambulance responded. A fire investigator was requested. 10:54 a.m. A driver was cited for speed on SR 4 near Nassa Point. 11:43 a.m. A driver was cited for speed on SR 4 in the Elochoman area. 2:06 p.m. An individual was taken into custody in Deep River.


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