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Shameful situation


March 22, 2018

To The Eagle:

I was shocked to read your AP article emphasizing state official’s total lack of integrity by elected Legislators and our WA attorney general. This bipartisan failure to support and enforce WA constitutional protection brings shame on them all. The singular issue is not important. Those WA officials’ hubris and open willingness to violate legal due process is appalling and paramount.

WA senator: “I have incredibly grave concerns that we are creating a convoluted process for getting around a [WA State] constitutional right.”

AP reporter: “Even some who voted for the compromise acknowledged the dubious process.”

WA senator: “This is a worthy endeavor… I think it takes precedence over what the Constitution says…”

WA attorney general spokeswoman: “…the [AG] office would not discuss its analysis of whether it was Constitutional.”

These comments should shock all WA voters. When public servants knowingly seek to circumvent our state constitution, we have corruption as an approved method to run state government. We have one senator who actually said the end justifies their means.

Wake-up WA voters, our elected officials swore an oath to “protect and maintain” the WA constitution and our rights therein. Instead they knowingly and willingly stomped all over their Oath of Office and its defining principle. Shame on them all, but especially our blind and mute attorney general. An official ethics review and formal sanctions are greatly needed.

WA Constitution Article I, Section 1: “All political power is …established to protect and maintain individual rights.” That is the duty of all elected WA state officials, which they have failed.

Rick Fritz



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