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March 29, 2018

To The Eagle:

Well let’s send our 18 year old young men and women off to war but make sure they can't buy a rifle until they are 21 here at home, really, is that what the ding dongs in congress came up with to curb gun violence?

Message to Democrats: You applaud the fact that there is no real debate on college campuses anymore, now you take our youngsters (K-12) out of school to protest things that you brainwashed them with, can you say Nazi propaganda? Since when is it up to kids to walk out of school whenever they want to? Everyone has a right to protest but on your own time, not on the job or while at school.

To all Trump haters, I have a remedy that I used when Obama was in office: To put it simply I hoped he would succeed for the sake of my fellow Americans, just try it with Trump, you will sleep better.

If I were Trump I would fire Mueller today. This clown is on a witch hunt and nothing more. The bums on his team such as Strock and his lover, McCabe, Comey and the rest are the ones that should be under investigation.

I grew up in New York City where there are many very strict gun laws and the bad guys don't care only the innocent are hurt or killed because the Democrats just seem to hate people who want to defend themselves. The bad guys pretty much don't go after folks that are able to shoot back.

Question, does anyone know how much in taxes our county collected from sales at the pot store? I seem to remember the proponents saying it was going to be a lot. Just curious.

Paul Schreiber



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