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Property assessments should be accurate


March 29, 2018

To The Eagle:

In regards to Lori Hamp's letter concerning her experience with the current county assessor, I am disappointed to hear of yet another citizen who is having a negative experience while dealing with our assessor. I believe that our county's property assessments should be accurate, equitable and appropriate, taking into account the location and condition of the property as well as the selling prices of similar properties near its location. I understand that there will always be citizens who disagree with the assessment of their property values, but by using courtesy instead of ridicule in the response to inquiries, professionalism while performing the assessments, and clear concise explanations of how an individual property is assessed, I believe most issues can be resolved without having to rely on the Board of Equalization to intervene. If a hearing before a Board of Equalization is required, both parties should have access to the same information. Transparency of the information used for an assessment should be a requirement to enable the Board of Equalization to make an informed decision.

Since I am in a unique position to not just comment on the changes needed, but have the opportunity to take action, I am running for the county assessor position in the November 2018 election. It is my goal to bring professionalism, integrity and accuracy back to the Wahkiakum County Assessor position.

Brian McClain



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