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April 26, 2018

WEEKEND--This past weekened we started out a little damp on Saturday morning after a pretty cloudy, yet dry Friday, but it quickly became real sunny and nice. Saturday night saw temps drop down in the mid-30s, and with clear skies, I was hoping to see the meteor shower but after about 15 minutes of standing outside in the cold, I gave up and my aching neck and I went to bed. Did you see the meteor shower? Sunday began gorgeous and it looks like the whole week will be that way, so here's to enjoying getting our webbed feet dried out at long last!

Of course, if it gets as warm as they say it's going to, then we must remember that animals should not be left in a car, as even in the low 70s, temperatures rise quickly in a vehicle sitting in the sun. When in doubt, leave the animals at home and if you see an animal in distress, call authorities.

SEE IT?--Another interesting thing that showed up on Saturday was a great big "rainbow around the sun" in the afternoon. Were you able to see it where you were? I tried to get a picture of it, but I don't have a good enough camera for that, as it was just a bright blur, rather than the bright sun, blue skies and the rainbow ring, but it was neat to see, so I hope you spotted it.

SCARY MOMENTS--We all enjoyed the wonderful day prior to Friday, but unfortunately, the gorgeous day last Thursday was marred by the multi-vehicle collision on SR 4 which involved our Wahkiakum High School golf team. Needless to say, everyone was shaken by this news and the fact that they were in a vehicle leaking fuel, only added to the urgency of getting them out. It sounds like everyone on scene did a fantastic job of getting to the injured and calling in lots of help from neighboring towns. While we are so thankful that these kids were not more severely injured, they were hurt none the less, and their own trauma from this experience should not be overlooked. While these kids came home, their coach, Nick Vavoudis, did have to be transferred to a hospital in Vancouver due to the severity of his injuries. As always, this kind of news happening to one of our own has everyone thinking of him and wishing him well and hoping for a full and speedy recovery. As of this writing, he is out of the ICU and is going to be having surgery on his back today, Thursday. We'll be thinking of him, as well as his family, who will be anxiously awaiting the day he can come home.

Beings I was one of those grandmas who got the call that her grandson was involved in this accident, I can tell you, it sure makes ones heart sink and brings tears to your eyes, knowing that this happened "in the blink of an eye," and could have been so much worse, so it's really a scary and humbling moment. Since I wasn't there, I appreciate Kim Nettles for giving grandson, Bryce Good a big hug when she saw him at the hospital!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from April 26-May 2 are Debbie McClain, Kelly McClain, Tom Blalock, Ricky Montgomery, Eva Snow, Connie Luthi, Carrie Backman, Carol Danker, Darren Olsen, Caren Chandler, Shannon McClain, Troy Heagy, Misty Havens, Carolyn LaBerge, Anita Hoven, Scott Holland, Lars Blix, Aaron Bernard, Abby Pedersen and Max Scudder.

Belated birthday wishes go to Sarah Doumit Agidius, who celebrated her special day earlier this week. The same goes for Myrna Apperson. Sorry I missed them, but I hope you had terrific celebrations.

Happy Anniversary wishes this week go out to Margie and Tim Pedersen, Gabriel and Annie Pedersen, Matthew and Katrina Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Paulsen and Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Blix.

MOVIE NIGHT--The Youth/Adult comedy playing at the Community Center in Cathlamet this Friday, April 27, is an older film starring Robin Williams. The free movie begins at 7 p.m. You are welcome to enjoy the free popcorn or bring in your own snacks. Kids under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

CAN YOU HELP?-- This Saturday, April 28, the folks at the Pioneer Church Association will hold a "Tidy Up the Town" event, and of course, extra hands make for light work, so they are hoping you'll bring your gloves and your tools and give them a hand around town.

FOS/LAST CHANCE--Have you been to the River Life Interpretive Center in Redmen Hall/Central School recently? The exhibit, "Creative Wood Designs" will end after this Sunday. The hall is open Thursday through Sunday from noon to four, so don't miss out. For further information, call 360--795-3007.

COMING UP--With May coming up in a few days, don't forget to jot down on your calendars a few things that are going to be happening this coming month, like: the Flea Market at the fairgrounds on May 12, which is also the same day as Carlton Appelo's 96th birthday party in Naselle, and then there will be the beginning of the Silver Buckle Series at the fairgrounds on May 19, plus the annual Great White-Tail Run will take place on May 20, and that's where folks will meet at Vista Park and take various runs/walks through the refuge. You can contact the Wahkiakum County Extension office at 360-795-3278 for all the details on that. So, there's plenty of things to go to and take part in this upcoming month.

However, I'm guessing all these things will pale in comparison to the preparations that parents are frantically making as they get their senior students all ready for graduation in June! This is one of those so happy, so exciting, so sad, so scary type of moments, as these students embark on either furthering their educations or maybe go into the military or head off on a job elsewhere, so it's a big time for them indeed. And their folks too!

PROUD MOM--I got a call from Jonnie Knowles this week and she shared some "proud Mom moments" with me, concerning her daughter, Kristi Knowles Langston. I'm sure you've all heard the tragic news about the two officers who were sitting and eating lunch when a man just came up and killed them, before taking his own life. Well, that area in Florida is where Kristi works for the Newberry Fire Department, as the only female fire fighter, EMT and actually is a Fire Lieutenant 1, and she continues her schooling to become a paramedic as well. She has been given the distinctive honor of driving one of the ladder trucks in the funeral procession, where two fire trucks situate themselves at the entrance of the cemetery and raise their ladders to form a cross. That in itself is quite the honor. However, she has also been given the honor of presenting the flag once they go inside, so that is really something special for this small town girl who has served for 12 years in that fire department. While it is an honor to take part in this type of ceremony, it is one which we wish did not have to occur, as losing those two officers in such a manner, was truly horrendous.

OUT OF THE PAST--This week back in 1948, began with snow, hail and rain, and then the following day was really nice, but quickly turned back to rain before another nice day, and then back to miserable once again! On April 27, the Kennisons welcomed a baby boy into their family while the Ray Bunns had a baby girl. Carol Pedersen and sons had a tiring day, as "Roper," their horse, was not in the mood for being caught that day, so he was on the loose in his own pasture, with plenty of acreage to run away from his owners! The radio show host, Tom Brenneman of "Breakfast in Hollywood" fame, died suddenly at the age of just 47. The Everests ended the week with a nice, tasty fish dinner at daughter Carol's house on Puget Island.

This week back in 1958, the entire week was really dry and nice and even hot a couple of those days. A trip to Longview to do a little shopping for Elsie Everest and daughter, Carol, found them at the "Triple X" for lunch. They stopped at the home of Leon and Marian Healy while they were in town, only to find the couple was in Cathlamet and were at the Everest home when they got back from town. It was bingo time that week and Grandma Elsie was happy to come home with two nice prizes. Sadly, Mrs. Alex Petersen (Josephine) passed away on the first of May at the age of 75. She had come from Vik, Helgeland, Norway and had come to Washington in 1903. She lived on Puget Island for the past 43 years. She left behind her husband, two daughters: Mrs. Violet Stone and Mrs Lillian Havens, and four sons: Peter of Portland, Arnie and Stanley of Puget Island and Gordon of Cathlamet. She also had a brother, E. M. Johnson of Portland and a sister, Mrs. Signe Hegge in Norway. She was a member of the First Lutheran Church on Puget Island where her services were held on May 5. All this according to the diaries of my Grandma Elsie Everest.


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