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PIGYS needs help this year


To The Eagle:

PIGYS, the Puget Island Garage & Yard Sale, which takes place on June 22nd & 23rd, faces some major challenges this year. The Trump-inspired economic boom should bring us an abundance of customers, but that abundance is going to hit a choke point at our bridge construction traffic light. Traffic will be crossing the bridge in close-formation lumps, which would turn our usual pull-off for yard sale maps at the foot of the bridge into a hazardous enterprise. Our best bet will be to move the map distribution to the Cathlamet side where folks can safely pull off approaching the green light, or we can hand them a map while they’re stopped for the red. And, we’ll set up another map distribution station at the Norse Hall so locals can stay completely clear of the bridge congestion.

This new set up will require some volunteer labor, for a number of reasons. The yard sale is organized and run by Sandie and Gary York, and Judy and I print and distribute the maps. But I’ve slowed down a bit, and Judy’s been laid up with a busted vertebra, so we’re gonna have to pass the whole map production thing along. Looks as if we’ll need at least two people to handle the bridge approach (young and energetic would be a plus), someone at the Norse Hall, and someone to meet the ferry; all this for four intense hours on Friday and Saturday morning.

There are usually about fifty yard sales around the Island, plus about a dozen more, both on the Island and on the Cathlamet side who set up sales without paying the $10.00 fee. We have toyed with the idea of raising the fee (which has been the same for two decades), but could probably avoid that if everyone got honest and paid. The upshot of all this is – call Sandie York @ 430-0951. Call if you can pass out maps or help distribute spot signs. Call if you are intending to have a sale so we can get you on the map. You could then mail a check made out to Sandie York (if it’s made out to PIGYS, we have to have an account – one of those arcane banking regulations.) And call if you have any interest in taking over the map production. This should be a bumper year, and will go smoothly if we can get on top of it early.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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