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Auditor appreciates opportunity to serve


To The Eagle:

My name is Nicci Bergseng and I’d like to introduce myself as your Wahkiakum County Auditor. I was appointed to the auditor position in December 2017 and I am currently working to retain my position. It is my commitment to this county to continue upholding the highest level of integrity and honesty within my office.

A lot of community members throughout the county know me from Bank of the Pacific where I worked for nearly ten years. After leaving the bank, I gained employment in the Wahkiakum County Auditor’s Office. While working as the Accounts Payable Representative, I was able to use my extensive financial knowledge to aid all departments within the county. From that position I moved to Chief Financial Deputy and was honored to serve as Diane Tischer’s right-hand man. During my time in that position, I gained an increased understanding of our county’s budget as I completed our detail-oriented annual report. Vehicle licensing was a big portion of my job as well, and I enjoyed learning new avenues to help customers within the community.

It is my belief to go above and beyond with customer service and day to day interactions in all aspects of my office. As your county auditor, my duties include administering elections, overseeing recordings, managing DOL, and serving as a catalyst between departments countywide. The auditor’s office is a bustling place. My ability to multi-task offers another valuable asset to the environment. Having a sense of confidence in your day to day work is key, and I pride myself on that. Not only does the office oversee a wide array of financial and professional duties, it also builds relationships with community members. Every transaction, every phone call, and every question I receive gives me an opportunity to better serve our county. The auditor works side by side with the commissioners to manage and balance the budget. The prosperity and continued success of Wahkiakum County drives me every day.

I am not only committed to the community’s success, but I am personally invested in this county. I grew up in Skamokawa and graduated from Wahkiakum High School in 1994. From there I went on to raise two amazing boys who have also chosen to live and work in Cathlamet. Being active in youth baseball as my kids went through school was a big passion of mine. While serving as coach, board member, and president, I strove to better the program and increase opportunities for kids. Volunteering for the Wahkiakum Chamber of Commerce and Dollars for Scholars have also been big parts of my life. Over the years, relationships with numerous families and community members were built that still remain today.

Wahkiakum County is immensely important to me. I truly love my job. With each new day, I go into the courthouse with the attitude of what can I do to better serve you. My office is trusted to execute many different tasks and I plan to continue showcasing my competency to do just that.

I appreciate this opportunity to continue my service as your Wahkiakum County Auditor.

Nicci Bergseng

Wahkiakum County Auditor


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