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Westside Water moving to PUD ownership


By Diana Zimmerman

Two representatives from Westside Water attended the Wahkiakum County PUD Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday to talk about plans for the PUD to take over their system in Skamokawa.

System Vice-president Kirk Coughlin, who was there with member Steve McClain, said that a quorum of stakeholders recently voted unanimously to turn operations over to the PUD. Repairs had been made and loans had been paid off.

“I really appreciate the moving forward on this, PUD General Manager Dave Tramblie said. “I will meet with our attorney and we will decide our next step.”

It was noted that Sleepy Hollow residents had expressed an interest in an extension of the water line.

“I’ve had conversations with Department of Health and they have indicated that they would be willing to support an expansion into that area,” Tramblie said. “We would certainly move in that direction as soon as we complete the transaction.”

Tramblie reported that the asphalt on the PUD property would be cleaned, sealed, and striped in late July. The project will cost the PUD $5,254 with tax. The installation of some back stairs is planned for July as well.

A project to upgrade and replace communication and computer equipment at the Western Wahkiakum Water site has proven to be problematic. Tramblie told the commissioners that he had spoken with the manager of the company installing the equipment and was told that another person would be brought on to try and resolve the issues.

“We cannot afford to have equipment down there that needs continual maintenance and does not function smoothly, Tramblie said.

Finally, Tramblie reported that there were plans to convert some overhead lines in the Westend to underground, due to an “ongoing battle” with trees.

Auditor Erin Wilson said that the PUD will be increasing their cyber protection.

“It will make us better and stronger,” Wilson said.

Staff presented a draft for a capital asset policy, which will be used to “maintain accountability and control over district resources and assets.”

After some discussion, the policy will likely be approved at the next meeting.

“You did a good job on this,” Commissioner Gene Healy commented.


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