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Use extreme caution with fireworks this year

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NICE WEEKEND--While we ended last Friday with a few sprinkles here in West Valley, it wasn't much, and the clouds on Saturday morning cleared off and gave a perfect day for the Kite Festival at Vista Park. It also made shopping at the Puget Island Garage and Yard Sale a lot nicer as well. Things warmed up a little more on Sunday but with a nice breeze here, it was just about perfect. However, by nightfall, we saw some big raindrops start to fall, and then some bright, flashing lightning cross the sky and after that, some of the loudest, house shaking thunder than we've felt in a long time. Wow! By the time the work week began, we cooled back down and even had a few showers on Monday morning but the sun was shining again by noon, so looks like we'll have a few dry days before rain returns on Friday.

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from June 28-July 4 are Don Speranza, Cliff Garrison, Matt Helms lll, Austin Luthi, Mary Nettles, Sandie York, George Exum, Kris Bergseng, Kelly Melton, Dale Jacobson, Kathi West, Justin Norris, Clara Olson, Finley Schillios, Tim Pedersen, Steve Macchione and Nathan Chamberlain.

Those celebrating anniversaries this week are Mr. and Mrs. Bob Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. Al McClain, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Brons, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Mooers, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Seaberg, Steve and Lori Smith, Hap and Dixie Anderson and Pete and Katie Sechler. Enjoy your special days everybody!

FIRE DANGER--We have had some record breaking dry stretches and while we appear to be plenty green around here, things really are very dry, so with the Fourth of July festivities coming up real soon, and lots of fireworks being purchased by individuals, you are being asked to take extra precautions this year. Over 300 fires were started last year due to fire works with several more hundred being caused by man, not nature, so it's really important for all of us to be much more diligent when it comes to fireworks. This also goes for those enjoying outdoor campfires, BBQ pits and don't forget that even a hot tailpipe going through a hay field can set a dry field on fire. Wherever we may go, let's not be one of those people who are careless in our actions and wind up causing hundreds of acres to go up in smoke!

SONS OF NORWAY--In case you missed it, the Sons of Norway will not have their monthly meeting on the first Wednesday of the month, as that's the fourth of July, so it will be held on the following Wednesday, July 11 instead. Meetings start at 7 p.m., at the Norse Hall on Puget Island. All are welcome to attend meetings or to become a member.

Also, their usual bingo games that are held on the second Saturday has changed for this month as well, as it will take place on Bald Eagle Day, July 21, in the evening hours, with games beginning at 6 p.m. It's a great time between the big events in town to come with your friend and play a little bingo and maybe win one of those cash prizes!

FLEA MARKET--The monthly flea market held at the Wahkiakum Co. Fairgrounds will take place on July 14 and those hours are from 9 a.m., to 3 p.m. You can always leave a message on the fairground phone (360-795-3480) if you'd like to rent a table and sell some of your own treasures there that day. Tables are $10 each.

SAME PLACE--At the same place as mentioned above, but beginning at 8 a.m., the next part of the Silver Buckle Series will take place, so all horse lovers are invited to come and check that out. You can shop at the flea market and watch the competition, so a win-win there!

APPROACHING QUICKLY--Summer has officially begun and that means that we will be getting busier and busier in the days ahead, although, that almost seems impossible as everyone has already been going full bore it seems! The folks with fields of grass have been making hay already, and those who have been involved in the various fund raising events that have already taken place have been quite busy, and those who are volunteering for all of those, have definitely been on their toes, and some of those same people will probably be seen working on the next round of events as well I imagine.

In Skamokawa, a first of its kind event will take place at the Wahkiakum County Fairgrounds, when "Challenge of the Champions," a bull riding event, will take place on the evening of July 20. Tickets are $20 at the gate but can be purchased at many local places, like the Roadkill Saloon, for just $15, so if you're planning on attending, why not save yourself $5 and buy those tickets early?

The biggest annual event in July around here is, without a doubt, "Bald Eagle Day" where on July 21, Main Street in Cathlamet will be closed off, vendors will be setting up, and the street will be lined with people to watch the parade! The high school area will be the staging site of the parade, and all of those things take man power, or woman power! If you aren't directly involved in a booth or in the parade already, you could always contact the Wahkiakum Chamber folks and volunteer to help out; it's always needed! Remember, the day starts off with a breakfast put on by the members of the Kiwanis Club at the Marina from 7 to 10 a.m., and to top off the evening, the fireworks will take place from there once it gets dark, so it will be a full day of activities. Spread the word!

CONGRATS--Judy Pedersen was proud to announce the graduation of her youngest daughter, Abby, who has now graduated from Williamsville High School. They held their ceremonies this past Sunday after holding their prom that weekend, so it was a busy time for parents and students. All these "little kids" I knew are sure growing up, and all too quickly I might add. Congratulations to Abby!

GET WELL--Treasure and Michelle Collupy's son, Tanner, was involved in an accident recently and is recovering from a broken leg and broken arm, so we want to wish him a complete recovery from his injuries. Injuries are never fun, but at the beginning of summer, that's a real heart breaker. Here's thinking of you young man, as we hope your injuries heal quickly as well as completely!

MUSEUM--Here's just a reminder that our local museum in Cathlamet, operated by the Wahkiakum County Historical Society, could sure use some volunteers to keep the museum doors open on weekends through October. The museum, at 65 River Street, is only open from 1 to 4 p.m., on Saturday and Sunday, so it's not a long commitment, and it's really great to brush up on our local history while you're there and to share all these wonderful things with others. If you're interested in helping out, contact Kari Kandoll at 360-849-4353.

NEW NEIGHBORS--We recently said good-bye to Bill and Linda Mahitka who had been our neighbors for many years, and it won't be long before we welcome John and Nicole McKinley and their kids as our new neighbors. They are neighbors across the highway already but soon, they'll be neighbors across the road! After a ton of painting, yard work, garden work and field work, they are anxious to get completely moved and settled in to their new home. Welcome to West Valley John, Nicole, Bryson and Bailey!

NEXT YEAR--After another successful Kite Festival at Skamokawa Vista Park this past weekend, those in charge of the kites say they are more than happy to come back, so mark June 22, 2019 down now, as that's return. They always show up on Friday, so they may be flying some kites that day, and then they are always here on Sunday for awhile, so you can see the kites fly then too, but Saturday is always the main day. That's the day with food vendors and other groups selling various items, and possibly kids enjoying some face painting, or little car rides, etc., so they hope you'll enjoy the complete festival spirit that day. By the way, whoever made the cinnamon rolls and soft oatmeal cookies this year that were for sale at the park, wow, they were totally awesome! If you're having another sale, give me a call.


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