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Sheriff's Report, September 6, 2018


September 6, 2018

Wahkiakum County law enforcement officers and emergency response personnel handled a variety of reports during the past week, including:

August 27 — 9:54 a.m. An east county resident found a note in her garage for the second time. She asked to speak to a deputy. 8:12 p.m. A fisherman reported that a man in a boat ran through his net seven times and was cutting it with a knife in the Deep River area. The man told the fisherman that he wouldn’t buy his fish if he didn’t leave his fishing hole. The fisherman said this happens every year. A deputy responded and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife was notified. 8:29 p.m. A caller reported a suspicious truck on the ferry. A second call came in when the driver of the truck asked when the ferry would return to Oregon right after he landed on Puget Island. 9:01 p.m. The Cathlamet ambulance aided a Nassa Point resident who had suffered a seizure. 10:06 p.m. A driver was cited for littering on Puget Island. 10:30 p.m. A Puget Island resident said he smelled smoke.

August 28 — 5:18 a.m. A caller reported a large tire in the eastbound lane of SR 4 in the Nassa Point area. 6:12 a.m. An alarm was activated at a Cathlamet office. 9:32 a.m. A Cathlamet resident reported that money had been stolen from her bank account. 2:16 p.m. The Puget Island Fire Department responded to the report of a brush fire on West Sunny Sands Road. 8:04 p.m. A vehicle was found stripped and abandoned by Kent’s Bridge in the Elochoman Valley. 9:41 p.m. A domestic disturbance was reported at a Puget Island home and the husband would not let his wife leave. Another individual was armed and at the home.

August 29 — 9:35 a.m. A caller reported a suspicious vehicle at a home west of Skamokawa. The homeowner was out of town. A deputy responded. He gave the individual a jump start and told him not to return or he would be charged with criminal trespass. The deputy said it looked like squatters had been living in the home. 12:52 p.m. A caller reported that someone had backed into her vehicle in a Cathlamet parking lot. 4:16 p.m. A welfare check was requested for a Rosedale resident. 4:57 p.m. A vehicle had been vandalized and abandoned along SR 4 in the Deep River area. 5:53 p.m. An Elochoman Valley resident reported that his mover had demanded more money and some of his property before completing delivery. 7:07 p.m. A Rosedale resident reported that some jewelry was missing and named a possible suspect. 11:39 p.m. An unknown and wrapped object was blocking the eastbound lane of SR 4 in the Rosburg area.

August 30 — 8:59 a.m. A driver said he had been cut off by a log truck causing him to run off the road and over a sign on SR 4 in the Skamokawa area. 9:59 a.m. A wallet was found on Main Street in Cathlamet. 1:20 p.m. An individual in Cathlamet was detained for involuntary treatment by a mental health representative with assistance from a deputy. 2:54 p.m. Speeding vehicles were reported on a Deep River road. 4:46 p.m. A meth pipe was found at a Puget Island home. 7:11 p.m. An individual asked for assistance when a Puget Island landlord would not allow her to get her belongings from the home. 9:42 p.m. A truck had broken down in an area with limited visibility on SR 4 just west of County Line Park. 10:04 p.m. A deputy and the mental health department assisted a suicidal juvenile who had been jumping in front of vehicles on SR 4.

August 31 — 8:28 a.m. A Skamokawa resident reported an online scam. 9:24 a.m. Some trees were cut down in a Cathlamet park. 4:29 p.m. A caller reported speeding vehicles in Skamokawa.

September 1 — Computers were down and times were not reported: The Cathlamet ambulance aided an individual with a broken leg in Cathlamet. The Cathlamet ambulance aided a Rosedale resident with chest pain. The Cathlamet ambulance responded to a two vehicle accident on SR 4 in the Cathlamet area.

September 2 —7:26 p.m. Three young boys were seen jumping into the river from the bridge in Skamokawa. 7:30 p.m. A camper was left in the parking lot by the Skamokawa Grange. There were eight kittens inside, according to the caller.

September 3 — 8:47 p.m. A Skamokawa resident asked for assistance in transporting a man who was delusional to the hospital who had made threats to the family to the hospital. The mental health department was notified. A friend took the individual to the hospital. 9:19 p.m. An alarm was activated at an office in the Elochoman Valley.


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