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Vote for Carolyn Long


October 18, 2018

To The Eagle:

What has happened to access for health care? As a surgeon privileged to take care of many wonderful people from Cathlamet and our beautiful Southwest Washington region during the past 40 years, it is sad to see now how hard it is for people to get healthcare. There is always blame for local hospital administration, but this is a national problem. Bizarre decisions are made primarily because those running health care locally must try to figure out what “system” is being developed in Washington DC.

I have been suspicious of politicians, and frequently not voted. It seems many of us don’t vote, but the entrenched members of both parties do, contributing to the present situation in DC where nothing gets done. Term limits are a great idea as the number of angry old men in DC continues to grow. (Politicians will never adopt term limits so maybe we as citizens should do it for them by voting.)

My hope is that we vote for fresh candidates interested in getting things done.

As a physician, and now proud grandfather, I strongly encourage you to vote for Carolyn Long for Congress as she has not been in DC getting corrupted by the culture there. She is well motivated and willing to work across the aisle.

Dane Moseson MD



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