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November 15, 2018

NOT BAD--While we woke up to some very chilly temperatures last week, the sunshine that showed up on Saturday after some foggy conditions was quite nice, even though it wasn't super warm out there, as it only got up to 45 that day. By bedtime it was once again below freezing out our way so it looks like winter isn't too far away. We are supposed to have had a little more wetness by Tuesday night but then we're supposed to get dry again, so I can only hope that's true as there are a lot of acitivities coming up and it would be nice if it was decent weather for them.

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from Nov. 15-21 are Rory Heywood, Tanner Collupy, Matthew Bennet, Larry Holland, Jody Havens, Samantha Havens, Brian Havens, Ashley Helms, Misty Holland, Hap Anderson, Heidi Souvenir, Dean Seaberg, Linda Ashe, Susan Prestegard, Kyle Parker Jr., Katie Watson, Layton Elliott, Kylian Cochran, Harvey Good, RJ Miller and Erik Pedersen. Happy Birthday to all of you!

Those celebrating anniversaries this week are Roy and Cathy LaBerge, Scott and Tracy Tomlinson, Danny and Linda Ashe, Carl and Ruth Linquist and Mr. and Mrs. Russ Poppe. May all your anniversary celebrations be absolutely wonderful!

THIS IS IT!--There are a few big events coming up, and starting this Friday night, we've got Turkey Bingo happening in the Youth Building at the Wahkiakum County Fairgrounds, so don't miss out on that! All the action starts at 6 p.m., so be sure to come on down and have a lot of fun trying to win one of those nice big turkeys and other prizes as well. Remember, there will be some greenery for sale for the upcoming Christmas season there too, so you'll want to check them out.

This Saturday, Nov. 17 from 10 to 4, there will be lots of things to choose from, when St James opens their annual bazaar, "A Country Christmas" at their Family Center on Columbia Street in Cathlamet. You'll find crocheted hats and scarves, and homemade quilts and blankets, along with jewelry items and homemade jams, jellies, pies and cookies and much, much more, so that there is bound to be something you'd love to pick up for that great gift basket you're making for that special someone on your Christmas list! Of course, you could just be treating yourself to something nice, or tucking it in with something you've already gotten to give that extra special feel. Don't forget to show up hungry, as there will be some special chowder available, along with chili and hot dogs, and nachos too, and some cider and coffee to go along with them. Remember, the Kids Store allows kids (up to age 12) to buy up to five items for just a dollar each, so that's a great place for them to shop for presents! Proceeds will go towards programs that are really important to the Family Center, so we hope you can head that way and show your support for them, while having a great time visiting with folks and shopping too.

Also this Saturday, prior to heading out to the Family Center, it's time to get those bags of food donations set out for the members of the Wahkiakum chapter of the Lions Club and their helpers as they go around and pick up food for our local food banks. Remember, no home-made canned foods can be accepted. Paper products and soaps are also welcomed, as are personal hygiene items and disposable diapers and wipes for the little ones. Those non-edible products are things that we all need but can only be purchased with cash, so beings many are cash-strapped, it's really important to donate those kinds of things as well. It would be awesome to hear that we collected the most food items ever this year, so please, be generous if possible. The group also accepts cash or checks, which goes to buy those items that they need but didn't get donated, so maybe you'd rather do that. Whatever you give, just know that it is welcomed and will be put to good use by those in need.

BIG THANK-YOU--Speaking of food banks, we'd like to thank Ric and April Murdock of the Roadkill Saloon, and all those that stuck "bucks" on the ceiling of the place, as the Murdocks took down all that money this past week and donated it to the food bank. That was an awesome gesture and I'm sure, deeply appreciated!

FRIDAY MOVIE--This Friday night's free movie, complete with free popcorn, is an adult movie, Rated R, and is listed as a drama/international movie, so it's not one for the kids. This movie is being shown at the Community Center in Cathlamet and is great for an inexpensive night out. Also, due to the Thanksgiving holiday next weekend, there will not be a movie shown on Nov. 23.

GREAT EFFORT--Well, it was a tough fight, that even went into overtime for our Mules football team, but in spite of that, we wound up getting knocked out of the playoffs. However, it was great to get that far and the team played hard and is to be commended for their efforts. Good job Mules! On a side note, we are thrilled that injured football player, Beau Carlson, is now home and we certainly continue to wish for his complete recovery from his very serious injuries. Our Lady Mules volleball team brought home some hardware from State this year, and so good job and congratulations to them!

UPDATE ON JOHN--I just wanted to let you know that you should no longer send any mail down to the Portland hospital address that I had given out a couple of weeks ago, for John Peterson, a WHS Class '66 alumni, as I was told that he was being moved to another facility earlier this week. At this time, I am unaware of the location, but if I find out where it is and get an address, I will pass it along. We wish him further progress with his health issues.

SYMPATHIES--We want to send our sympathies to the family of Pete Doumit, a 1968 WHS alumni, who passed away this last Saturday. He was the father of four and was, by all accounts, a great guy. His services will be held this Friday in Moses Lake.

THINKING OF HIM--Dave Heiner is currently undergoing chemo and radiation multiple days of the week, and this fight with cancer comes not long after a fall which broke his back last year, so he could definitely use some positive thoughts right now, as he's been through a lot. We wish him all the best and hope he keeps up the good fight and gets some good news soon. We'll be thinking of his wife, Ronda as well, as she's had her own health issues and running a business and having to travel through city/freeway traffic mulitple days so that Dave can get the care he needs, and well, that can really wear a person down, so we wish her well too.

TRAGIC--The current wild fires that have ravaged both the northern and southern ends of California are just horrific. To think that you have all your time, money, hard work and memories invested in your home and within minutes, it's all gone, is just unbelievably heart-wrenching. In some cases, people lost their lives trying to escape this rapidly spreading fire and with each passing day, the body count sadly rises, while hundreds are still missing. It is certainly with a heavy heart that we think of all these folks who are suffering the loss of their loved ones during this truly devastating ordeal.

I know many people want to help, but during these kinds of events there are always those who would prey on those who would gladly send money and goods to help the displaced at this time, but be wary! Unfortunately there are many scammers out there that are more than ready to take advantage of kind-hearted folks, so if you get a phone call, or a message or a plea for help, be careful that you don't fall victim to one of the bad guys. Do your research first, ask questions and don't give in to any pressure or guilt tripping that they may try, as scammers love to make us feel like we have to donate/help right now!

To all those who are working the fire, setting up places for them to stay, feed them, etc., well, we want to let you know that your work and sacrifices have not gone unnoticed and we'll all be thinking about all of you and hoping you'll be able to come home safe and sound real soon.

ANOTHER LESSON--Sadly, these disasters keep happening which also brings home our need to be ready to leave our homes in a moment's notice with something more than the clothes on our backs. So, is your "grab and go" kit ready? Remember, it's not the "grab a bag and fill it up with stuff" kit; it's something that is ready to grab immediately and would provide you with the items you need in an emergency. It's something we should all be thinking about and setting aside. Pre-made kits are available, which you can buy and then just add to with your own personal belongings, or just make one yourself, but the idea is, get one together and just in case, be ready to "grab and go" with yours. And then pray we never have to use it!

THANKSGIVING--I'm going to say this a little early as next week's paper won't reach everybody in time for the big turkey day events, so, for all of you gathering with family and friends this upcoming Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 22, we trust you have a wonderful time of sharing and caring and enjoying this special time with one another. If you're one of those who is "giving of themselves" this holiday, we thank you very much! The world would be a better place if everyone gave some of their time to help those in need so they too could be thankful this Thanksgiving. If you're traveling over this holiday, may you do so safely and be sure to watch out for the other guy. But whatever you do and where ever you go, we hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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