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December 13, 2018

WARMED UP--The rain may not seem real warm but considering we had temperatures down to 22 degrees last week, these 40 degree temps are definitely warmer! Of course, these gray days make it seem darker even earlier and also make it seem later to boot, unlike those clear, blue skies we were having, which certainly perked up one's spirits, even if they did bring the freezing weather with them! With lots of snow falling in the mountains and horrible snow storms crippling parts of the eastern side of the US and mudslides in part of California, I guess I'll enjoy what we have here.

DIFFERENT SCHEDULE--Due to the holidays falling where they are, I will only have one remaining column this year, and that will be next week's column on Dec. 20. So if you have any news for me that involves something between then and the new year, you'll definitely have to get it to me early; no later than Monday, Dec. 17 for that issue which covers until Jan. 3! There will not be a paper on the 27th and the next one won't come out until Jan. 3, but I'll need any info no later than the 27th, as my deadline for that column is early on Dec. 28. Confused? Call me!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from Dec. 13-19 are Tom Bosch, Seth Kuljis, Zachary Stewart, Eileen Duffy Tietje, Sandy Bergseng, Jim Webb, Ruth Linquist, Abby Buennagel, Melanie Quigley, Breanna Smith, Tyson (Webb) Foster, Riley Brown, Angel Brown, Ron Hendrickson, Kristen Souvenir, Barbara Moore Johnson, and 67'ers Elaine Munson Rolf and Sharon Stout Servis. Belated birthday wishes go out to Clair Meyers, who turned four this past week.

Those celebrating anniversaries this week are Roger and Jo Reed, Brian and Misty Havens and Danny and Emma Helms. Enjoy your special days everybody!

FRIDAY MOVIE--The free movie this Friday, Dec. 14, is a drama, one that is rated PG. All movies begin at 7 p.m., at the Community Center in Cathlamet and include free popcorn!

FRIDAY CONCERT--If you'd like to see a live musical performance from one of those folks who were actually on TV, then head to the River of Life Assembly of God Church on Friday night at 7 p.m! The very talented Phil Stacey, who was a finalist on American Idol, will perform, so this is an awesome opportunity to see him first hand and be a witness to his gift, as he is a great singer and talented musician.

FOS/BOB PYLE--The Redmen Hall/Central School is all decorated for the holidays, so I hope you've been up to see it and all the wonderful gifts that are there for you to purchase from local crafts-people and artisans. As an added bonus to all the holiday fare, this Saturday, Dec. 15, local author, Robert Michael Pyle will be at the hall and will be doing a reading from his new book, "Magealena Mountain," which is his first fiction novel. So come and meet Bob and get a signed copy of his latest works this Saturday at 2 p.m.

SATURDAY NIGHT--If you want to get in on a "first," be sure to head down to the Elochoman Marina and check out the very first Wahkiakum Lighted Christmas Parade. What a great idea! Often times the first of something isn't always a huge deal, but I hope there's a good turn-out and that future years will see this event grow bigger and bigger. Here's hoping the rains let up for this event but for now, it's a go, rain or shine! Thanks to a couple of sponsors, there'll be cocoa and popcorn provided at the covered area, so here's hoping you enjoy this "first" of many more to come! Contact Paige Lake for more info at: 360-269-6737.

DEC OPEN MIC NIGHT--On Sunday, Dec. 16, you are welcome to join in the fun at the Skamokawa Grange Hall as "Vibes" will hold the last Open Mic session of the year. If you'd like to play an instrument or sing, or you're in a group that would like to perform, sign up is at 3:45 p.m., and the show begins at 4. Of course, if you just want to listen to all of the creative, talented people perform, that's great too! There is no fee but donations are gladly accepted which will go to the Skamokawa Grange and don't forget, the coffee pot is always on!

ACT NOW!--If you have an event for next year that you'd like to get listed on the Wah. Chamber of Commerce calendar, that should be turned in right away, like now! I believe they'd like to have this information by tomorrow, so give them a call at 360-795-9996 or email your information to Remember, you should have the name of the event, who is putting it on, what date, what time, the location and contact information numbers as well, so please take advantage of this opportunity. Their emails go all over the place, and as I've said before, there's no such thing as too much promotion!

PROUD MOM--Jonnie Knowles is "One Proud Mama Bear" as her daughter, Kristi Knowles Langston, graduated from Paramedic school recently. Kristi has been working two jobs plus going to school, and all her hard work has paid off, so we can understand Jonnie's pride and we offer our congratulations to her as well!

GOOD JOB--We've got another person who is pretty proud too, as my fellow Welcome Slough classmate, Greg Lloyd is mighty proud of his wife, Cindy. You see, Cindy has been making soft knitted caps in a variety of colors and styles, to give to hospitals for their cancer patients. She has made hundreds of them and some of her recent ones have been in Seahawk colors, so I'm pretty sure those are a big hit up there in the Seattle area! We just want to say thank you to Cindy for her very kind and generous act, and I know everyone who receives one of her special caps appreciates them too. My pal Greg got himself a real keeper when he married Cindy.

WELL WISHES--We are certainly sorry to hear about all those that are dealing with various health issues right now and we continue to hope for positive outcomes concerning their well being. We're all pulling for Kerrie McNally, Dan Wilson, Gail Steilgamen (and others) and now I learned that Kelly Nettles Recupero has to have yet another back surgery, so we were sorry to hear that, and we will add her to our list of those that we will keep in our thoughts and prayers.

GIVING TIME--'Tis the season of giving and we hope you'll find some unique ways to do that this holiday season. Maybe you can help your kids give a present that would mean a lot by making a coupon book. You know, like one coupon would say something like, "Good for one free lawn mowing," or "Good for making all the beds one morning," or "Good for helping with the dishes," etc. These gifts don't require money, and teach your kids that some of the best gifts to give are the ones that have them willing to help others. These kinds of gifts are also extremely appreciated by those that receive them.

Of course, if you're one who likes to help others and has a few extra bucks in your pocket, you could arrange to pay somebody's electric bill, or water bill, or get them a nice gift card for groceries or a dinner out on the town, as helping others in this way would be hugely appreciated during these months when things may be just a little bit tight. Sometimes being a "Secret Santa" is fun too, like sending a gift to someone unexpectedly who might not otherwise get anything for Christmas.

Needless to say, one of the very best, free gifts you can give is being kind. It costs you absolutely nothing and if everyone were to give that gift, what a wonderful holiday season we would all have! Let's all give that gift this year.

COAT DRIVE--Speaking of kindness, won't you please support the Roadkill Saloon in their third annual Coat Drive by donating a coat which can be used, but still in good condition, and which will be donated to those in need. Actually, prior to them turning them all in, if you need one, you can just stop by there and see if they have one that fits/suits you. So, whether you're dropping a coat off, or picking one up, we hope you'll stop by the Saloon, and we certainly appreciate and thank April and Ric Murdock for hosting this great cause for those who could use a little extra warmth this winter. Again, a wonderful act of kindness!


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