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You have to earn respect


December 20, 2018

To The Eagle:

I find Council Member Sue Cameron’s “set the record straight” letter to the editor laughable at best and filled with disingenuous “facts.” Her attempts to justify council actions are an insult to the citizens of Cathlamet.

I will only comment upon those issues of which I have personal knowledge.

Regarding a “Code of Conduct” in which Cameron accuses citizens who comment upon the council’s actions as “toxic, with public members offering unconstructive, inflammatory remarks and personal attacks on council members.” I spoke out at a Town Council meeting regarding actions of council members of their treatment of each other and the public. There was no name calling, no personal attacks. I spoke of behavior with no specific council members named. Council Member Jean Burnham, in conjunction with Council Member Sue Cameron appeared to be outraged and felt I was specifically attacking them.

I am appalled that in a Democracy an elected official wants to sanction a rule that will not allow the public to question his or her actions.

Regarding the property at 20 Butler Street, Council Member Cameron stated that “The appraiser that did the appraisal is not licensed to do business in our town. Nor is she a commercial appraiser. She was recruited by Council Member Waller who asked for an appraisal.” This is particularly disingenuous, as Cameron appears to put the onus on Council Member L. Waller. In reality, the Mayor specifically asked Waller to find an appraiser. No appraiser in Cathlamet was willing to do the job, and Waller was forced to look to Longview. The Mayor stated that “I called my friend, the Mayor of Long Beach, and asked him how much a piece of property on Main Street would cost in Long Beach, and I based the price on his appraisal.” Cathlamet is not Long Beach, nor are the property values comparable.

Thanks for reading through this. I hope this helps people to understand the facts, not conjecture, nor assumptions.

Council Member Cameron stated that “There is no respect in this room!” She’s only partially correct. As my Mother used to tell me, you have to earn respect.

Robert Stowe



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