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BEGINNING--As the Memorial Weekend began, the weather was none too favorable. Thankfully, after the fog lifted on Saturday morning, we had some sunshine which suited most of us who wanted to enjoy some outdoor activities that day. I'm positive that those who were out camping were definitely enjoying the break from the rain! While we may have cloudy starts this week, they say we should be dry, so we'll hope they're right.

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from May 30-June 5 are Justin Rainey, Benjamin McClain, Becca Keilwitz, Amy Knowles, Stephanie Prestegard, Albert Bergseng, Barb Bain, Gary Emery, Annika Vik, Gale Luthi, Tracy Cleveland, Jill Havens, Robyn Longtain, Terry Vik, Derrick Bardsley, Mike Wegdahl, Martin Wegdahl, Tori Wegdahl, Roger Davis, Blain Fritzie, Justin Lindsey, Sharon Hart, Tim Rushing, Mrs. Steve Rabelos, Rena Morris, Brooklynn Blain, Shannon Cochran, Scott Ahrndt, Brian Good and 67'er Mike Hicks.

Belated birthday wishes go to Katie Vegvary, as she celebrated her special day yesterday.

Those celebrating anniversaries this coming week are Eva Snow and Scott Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Melton, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bergseng, Zak and Amy Everman, Robert and Karla Kyle and BJ and Sharon Servis. Enjoy all your special occasions everybody!

NEW ADDITION--This past Saturday, May 25, David Olson married Dayle Nelson in a ceremony at the Norse Hall, so we get to add this couple to our anniversary listing. We want to offer our heartiest congratulations to the newlyweds. They are making their home in Cathlamet with a wonderful view of the river, so they are off to a great start!

NEEDS HELP--As you probably know, our museum receives no operating funds from the county, so while it is the Wahkiakum County Historical Society Museum, it really and truly needs the citizens of the county to help keep this museum open. This small museum has a ton of information about the beginnings of our county and all the things that went on here, and I think you'd really enjoy what you see. There has been a lot of work done by Kari Kandoll in the genealogy department, as well as the photo labeling, etc., so if you haven't been down there for awhile, you may really appreciate seeing all the records that have been compiled and/or works in progress. Cost for admission: Adults are $5 but seniors are only $2.50. Also, if you can't support them by coming to the museum, donations can be sent to them at WCHS - 65 River Street - Cathlamet, WA 98612. Any help you can give would really be appreciated.

FRIDAY MOVIE--The free movie at the Community Center in Cathlamet will be Friday, May 31 at 7 p.m. This is an R rated film and is slated as a political comedy for adults. As always, the movie is free and so is the popcorn, and you are also able to bring in your own snacks if you wish.

THIS SATURDAY--The First of June is this Saturday and that means it's time for the First "Cruizin to the Fair Car Show" at the Wahkiakum County Fairgrounds in Skamokawa. Remember, they are serving breakfast and lunch, so come have a bite to eat, check out the cars and the vendors and pray that it is a very nice day!

CONGRATS--We must send our congratulations to Logan Britt as he and the Duck Inn Restaurant and Lounge will be celebrating their seventh year anniversary this weekend. Time has really flown by as it seems like yesterday that we were waiting for them to reopen! Anyway, we sure want to say that we appreciate the fact that they spruced up our old hang out and added the awesome deck out back, and we wish him all the luck in the world in the coming years ahead.

FOS NEW EXHIBIT--The Friends of Skamokawa are happy to announce their new Summer exhibit, "Down on the Farm" which opens this Saturday, June 1. There will be an opening reception that day from 1 to 3:30 p.m., in the River Life Interpretive Center. This is a historical creamery exhibit with both photo displays and historical texts. This information and research was done by our local historian, Irene Martin and I think you'll find it fascinating to see how well our local creameries did in the big market and how they came to be and then again, how they ended. Many people would never know there was a creamery in the area of the Skamokawa Resort's current parking lot. Times have indeed changed. Stop by the historic Central School/Redmen Hall building at milepost 29 in Skamokawa. The hall's normal hours are from Thursday through Sunday, noon to four. 360-795-3007.

FIRST MEETING--The Sons of Norway lodge members want to invite you to join them. They hold their monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of every month. Their next meeting will be held at the Norse Hall on Puget Island on June 5 at 7 p.m.

If you're a bingo lover, you'll want to head to the hall, located at 444 SR 409, on the second Saturday of each month, with doors open at 5:30 and games beginning at 6 p.m. Cards are $5 each and cash prizes are awarded.

During the PIGYS event (Puget Island Garage and Yard Sale), at the end of June, there will once again, be pulled pork sandwiches served at the hall. So between your shopping at all those sales, be sure to come by and enjoy a bit of lunch so you can get refueled and back to those sales!

FLEA MARKET--As always, the Wahkiakum County Fairgrounds will be bustling on the second Saturday of the month with their monthly Flea Market. Their hours are from 9 to 3, so they hope to see you down here on June 8. Remember, if you're interested in being a vendor, call the fairgrounds at 360-795-3480 and leave a message. Tables are $10 and you can sell your crafts or your extras, so with spring cleaning going on, this might be a good time to clean house and replace that "trash" with cash!

GRADUATION--It's hard to believe that once again, it's time for graduation and this latest batch of graduates from Wahkiakum High School will have their names on the big rock along SR 4 and they'll be parading around in their caps and gowns on June 12. This is a night for happiness, yet tears from many a parent, who can't believe their "baby" is all grown up and about to leave the safety net of their high school years. While everyone is so anxious to "leave the nest," many will find out that if they thought high school was rough, that they really had no idea how good they had it! Congratulations to all the graduates and kudos to those who are continuing their education, as well as those going right off to work. Whatever the case, Good Luck to the WHS Class of 2019! As you go out in life, just remember: "You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

HOME FOR A BIT--We were happy to see that one of our former local gals, Kelly Nettles Recupero, is back here at home with her husband, Louis, and enjoying visiting with her family and friends. The couple currently live in Australia. I'm hoping I get to visit with Kelly while she is here, but I have to say, when she worked at the Sheriff's office, I was never too happy to talk to her then, as it was always, "Kay, tell Bill we have a report of a water break," so I'd much rather chat with her these days!

SYMPATHIES--We'd like to send our condolences to the family of John Anderson who passed away recently and who was a 1971 graduate of Wahkiakum High School. He leaves behind his wife Robin and their family, and locally, his sister Vickie (Dennis) Reid and former Skamokawa residents, his brother Rick (Michelle). No services have been planned as yet but more information will be available at a later date.

Also, we heard of the passing of Susie Douglas Boschee and we certainly want to send her family members our sincerest sympathies as well.

CLASS OF 67--I'd like to remind all those in the WHS Class of '67, that we will meet after the Bald Eagle Day Parade on July 20 about 1:30 p.m., at Dale's house, as usual. Bring what you usually bring, and if you haven't attended before, bring what you like; all leftovers go home with you, so it's best to bring something you like! The class will provide the cake and the chicken this year. Anyone having special food issues should bring foods that they can eat, as with a potluck picnic style of menu, the good-for-you items may be a tadbit limited. It helps to bring your own chair and beverages as well. Please spread the word and if you have any questions, just give me a call: 360-795-3425.

RETIRING--We want to send a big Happy Retirement Congratulations to Darlene Dobbins Almer, as she just recently retired from her teaching position in Longview. I hope she enjoys all her extra free time. Darlene is a huge Elvis fan and is a wonderful card maker, so I'm sure she'll be enjoying that extra time to enjoy her hobbies and her family!

OFF THEY GO--It's that time of year again: The fishermen in our area are headed up North. Beings our family was one of those that did that trek every year, I remember all the preparations that had to be made and all the anticipation of the season ahead. It seemed we had our fingers and our toes and everything else crossed, in hopes of a good year. Some were great, and some weren't. The worst one being when the New England Fish Co. Cannery caught fire and my Dad lost all of his stored items; it was pretty catastrophic! At any rate, as our local folks head off into another season, I wish for their good fortune, but mostly, I wish for their safety, as not everybody always makes it home. Good luck - Take care!


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