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Citizen gives reasons to deny business


June 13, 2019

To The Eagle:

I would like to point out why Dollar General should not be allowed to come into our community. Namely Factor #3 of the SEPA checklist that was overlooked by the Bureau of Planning, which is stimulate public health and welfare.

#1 Dollar General threatens the viability of the existing community and threatens locally owned business, property values, and the ability of Cathlamet to attract new residents and small businesses.

#2 They have a poor concern for workers by paying far below prevailing wages and taxpayers are forced to subsidize this low pay through social programs.

#3 Known for their high crime rate and litter they have a policy to not pay for private security and this puts an extra burden on our local sheriff’s office.

#4 It is ranked fourth as the worst company in America to work for.

#5 Negative impact on the public health and welfare by offering low-quality processed food products proven to contribute to obesity, diabetes and general poor health.

#6 Dollar General brings to a community a stigma that is associated with low income and crime that targets a certain demographic.

Dollar General’s rights end when they encroach on the rights and welfare of the existing residences, business owners and the community of Cathlamet.

BJ Cornett

Puget Island


Reader Comments(1)

Really writes:

Fact The pharmacy employs locals but is a High School Pharmacy chain The grocery store employs local people but is an IGA chain If you think these stores have high pay, you are completely wrong. This new chain store will not damage the existing chain stores. What I have always purchased at the local 2 chains I will continue to purchase and what I order off amazon to save money I will now be able to purchase locally. I believe this will be the case for most people.


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