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August 8, 2019

TOASTY--For those who love the heat, we certainly have had plenty as temperatures were right up in the 80s for the weekend, so many of the outdoor events, like the Wooden Boat Festival and Ugly Car Show in Cathlamet, didn't have to worry about wearing boots or rain jackets! Instead, one needed something for the shade and something to keep hydrated, so here's hoping you found some of both there this weekend. Cloudy conditions greeted us on Monday morning, but it was dry, so I didn't mind at all as it's perfect weather for doing some of those outdoor chores without getting cooked by the sun. Once the afternoon sun arrived it was time for indoor chores, although I'm sure the sun lovers were still basking in it!

SAFETY FIRST--Multiple drownings have occurred during these sunny times, and some of those wonderful trips to the rivers and streams to cool off and have a good time have turned catastrophic instead. The common thread in all those cases was the fact that those involved were not wearing a life jacket, so please help prevent these tragedies and take that simple precaution. For all of you who are new to the area, the sandy beaches here are fun to enjoy but as you head into the water, be aware that they can have hidden dangers as there are often sudden drop-offs where one can be over their head in just one step, as well as powerful undertows, so please, as you explore your new home and surroundings, be very careful.

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from Aug. 8-14 are Jenny Benfit, Marsha Helms, Treasure Collupy, Jeremy Bennet, Tim Schmitz, Judy Smith, Wendy Blix, Lorraine Lechner, Lisa Watkins, Marjorie Wilkins, Judy Fritzie, Rick Bryan, Travis Wegdahl, Jeff Nicol, Paydn Pedersen and Denis Everest. Here's to happy celebrations for all of you as you enjoy this year's birthdays!

Those celebrating anniversaries this week are Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Gribskov, Gene and Karen Healy, Larry and Deb Holland, Steve and Janna Doumit, Mark and Tina Schubert, Mr. and Mrs. Randy Hoven and Mike and Mary McLaughlin. Here's to wonderful anniversary celebrations everybody!

FRIDAY MOVIE--This Friday, Aug. 9, you can head to the Community Center in Cathlamet and enjoy a cheap night out, with another free movie and popcorn night, with all movies beginning at 7 p.m. It is a PG-13 drama and you can bring in your own snacks as well.

BINGO--This Saturday evening at 6 p.m., there will be excited voices yelling out "Bingo" at the Norse Hall, as the second Saturday of the month means it's time to join your friends and have a little fun. The doors open at 5:30 and the games begin at 6 p.m. Cards are $5 each and cash prizes are awarded. Have fun everybody!

BRIDGE CLOSURES--For all of you who have to go to and from Puget Island, there is a notice going up about night time closures on the bridge beginning Aug. 12 through Aug. 16, so you definitely need to figure out how you will be dealing with that this coming week. While it may not impact most, as it's during hours that most are home and asleep, there are always some that get impacted due to their jobs, etc., so it's imperative to make plans now!

NEXT WEEK--If you were making something to enter into this year's Wahkiakum County Fair, then you'd better have gotten those entry days sorted out, as those entry dates and specific times are coming right up! It's hard to believe that Fair time is here already, not sure where June or July went, but here we are, gearing up for yet another three days of fun, August 15, 16 and 17. The last of the Silver Buckle Series will take place on the last day of the fair, so don't miss out on seeing all our local horse riders as they've been doing just great this year!

SALMON DERBY--Coming up during the fourth week of this month, the "Hook the Hawg" Salmon Derby will take place on Friday, Aug. 23 and Saturday, Aug. 24 at the Elochoman Slough Marina. You can buy your tickets to participate, in advance, at the marina or the Bank of the Pacific or at the office of the Wah. Chamber of Commerce. Plus, you can get them the morning of the event at the check-in booth from 6 to 9 a.m. Weigh-ins are later in the afternoon. You can get all the rules and regulations at the marina or when you check in.

FOS WINE/AUCTION--You know what else will be here before you know it? The annual Wine Tasting and Auction event, put on by the Friends of Skamokawa, which is now in its 29th year; amazing! Once again, this event will take place at the Skamokawa Grange Hall located at 18 Fairgrounds Road in Skamokawa, on Sept. 14, from 6:30 to 9:30 that evening. As always, there will be a large assortment of items to bid on, in either the silent or live auction events and of course, there will be some delicious foods to nibble on as well. The Friends of Skamokawa hope you will not only attend this event, but possibly help to sponsor it by donating something to it, as naturally, the more items to choose from, the more bidders have to bid on, and that makes everybody happy! Call the hall at 360-795-3007 for more information and remember, your donation is also tax deductible.

Prior to the Wine Tasting and Auction, check out the Redmen Hall/Central School/ River Life Intrepretive Center and view their latest exhibit and/or pick up a few unique gifts or books for those people who seem to have everything, as Christmas is coming and it's never too early to shop! Of course, the FOS will host a wonderful Holiday Open House where even more people will show their crafts and artistry, so it's hoped you'll come back and visit the hall in all its holiday glory.

TIME TO ORDER BERRIES--The Lions Club is taking orders for frozen berries in 10-lb. boxes and there are several different kinds for you to order. According to LC member, Carol McClain, you can order marionberries $25., strawberries $26., blueberries $27 and raspberries $32., via the order forms that are in various businesses around our area. If you come down to the fair, you can also stop by the Bingo Booth and they'll have the forms there. You need to order them by Sept. 1 and then you can pick them up on Sept. 7 at 10 a.m., at one of the three different pickup areas of your choosing. If you don't see any forms, call Renee at 360-849-4003 or Carol at 360-795-3337. All orders need to be prepaid. These berries are locally grown and flash frozen in order to provide you with the best frozen product possible.

LIONS CLUB CALENDAR--Once again the Lions Club will take orders for their upcoming fundraisers, their 2020 Birthday Calendars. So, if you'd like to get your name listed on it, or your anniversary added, or maybe have something removed or edited, now is the time give them a heads up. All additions or corrections or changes need to be received by October 1. Calendars will be $10 each this year. They make great Christmas gifts, so order a few extra for your family members! If you've ordered before, they may contact you about any additions or corrections, but if you haven't ordered before and would like to get included, please contact them at one of the phone numbers listed above.

PROUD GRANDMA--Jonnie Lawson Knowles is certainly "busting her buttons" in pride as her grand-daughter, Jenna Engle, recently took home some huge trophies, as she won the AQHYA Reserve World Champion in Aged Mare Division in both the Level 2 and Level 3 competition which was held in Oklahoma City. Jenna and her horse, "Scarlet O Harra" really made her Mom, Mandi Knowles and Dad, Joe Engle, mighty proud! (Besides her Grandma of course.) I saw pictures of that horse and boy, is it big and it's shoulder muscles are massive, so keeping all that horse contained is a big job indeed! Anyway, congratulations to Jenna and her gorgeous mare.

SAD NEWS--We want to send our deepest sympathies to the families of Joe, Don and Kevin Weaver, sons of former Puget Island resident, Claude Weaver, as they lost their dad this past weekend. He suddenly collapsed at home and had been hospitalized for several days, and passed away Sunday, Aug. 4 at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland. Our condolences to all the members of his family, which includes his wife, Sherry of Clatskanie.

I also heard from Bev Danielson England once again, and you may remember that she has called me twice already this year with the sad news of the deaths of her sisters, Darlene and Imogene. Sadly, she called again to tell me that she lost yet another family member, as her older brother, Harry passed away on July 21 at the age of 85. He was a Wahkiakum High School alumni, Class of 1952. Again, we send our condolences to Bev and to all of Harry's family members and dear friends.

Also, condolences to Rob and Diane Stockhouse as they lost their daughter, Margaret Sherbeck, on July 25 prior to her 49th birthday in October. She left behind a husband, children and other family members, so we are truly sorry for their loss of such a young woman.

MUSEUM IS OPEN--The museum in Cathlamet, operated by the Wahkiakum County Historical Society, wants to remind you that they are open from 1 to 4 on Saturdays and Sundays, so stop by and check it out. The museum is located behind Main Street, at 65 River Street, and if you can't swing by but would like to make a donation, you can mail it to the street address above in Cathlamet, WA 98612. If you'd like to be a docent at the museum now and then, your help would be appreciated as well; contact Kari Kandoll at 360-849-4353.


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