Silver Buckle Series


September 19, 2019

By Valerie Antijunti

We had a great Silver Buckle Gaming series this year. We had the last ride on Sept. 14 with a very good turn out. We even had six new riders for our final show.

The Texas Barrels 50/50 jackpot was won by Makayla Davis. She won $40 in jackpot. This was Makayla's second time winning the 50/50 jackpot this year.

Results for the PeeWee division for the daily show: 4. Noah Larsen, 3. Tru Most, 2. Kaitlyn Jessee, 1. Abby Doan.

Age 12-18 year old for the daily show: 4. Dani Andrus, 3. Chloe Lane, 2. Brooke Myers, 1. Makayla Davis.

We had to have a run off for fourth place because we had a tie between Lucy Kosa, from Long Beach and Dani Andrus a new rider from Longview. Dani beat by eight tenths of a second. Very close. Good riding girls. Lucy has been coming to our shows for five years.

Age 18-35 year old for the daily show: 4. Ashlenn Colemen, 3. Olivia Wiesenborn, 2. Desi Harnson, 1. Kristina Heiner.

Age 36 year and over: 2. Sunni Thoreson, 1. Susan Potter.

Novice division: 4. Maddie Thoreson, 3. Noah Larsen, 2. Iliey Reid, 1. Hanna Larsen.

The daily high point winner was Makayla Davis. This is the third time Makayla has taken the daily high point. She won a $25 gift card to Brim's Farm and Garden, one of our great sponsors.

Series high point winners are:

PeeWee division- Abby Doan. She won a Trexel riding helmet, and a Cashel headstall and reins, sponsored by Brim's Farm and Garden of Astoria.

12-18 year old division- Makayla Davis. She won a sliver buckle sponsored by Corrine and Troy Slobig.

19-35 year old division- Kristina Heiner. She won a silver buckle sponsored by Corrine and Troy Slobig.

36 and over division- Susan Potter. She won two $50 gift cards to Wilco Farm and Ranch in Kelso.

Novice division- Grace Hunt. She won a box of gamer supplies, fly mask, bell boots, trailer boots, and trailer hay net sponsored by Dixion Quarter Horses in White Swan.

This is the first year that we have had a series high point for every age division. Sponsors for the two silver buckles were once again Corrine and Troy Slobig. They have sponsored the buckles for the last five years. Other sponsors were Brim's Farm and Garden, Dixion Quarter Horses, Wilco Farm and Ranch, Wahkiakum West Telephone, and Tractor Supply. These sponsors have helped to grow this series. I can't thank them enough for their support.

Wahkiakum West sponsored the fourth place prizes for all five shows. Tractor Supply in Selah sponsored horse treats for every horse for the series.

I would like to do a big shout out to Makayla Davis. This girl had a fantastic day on Saturday. she started off by winning the Texas Barrels 50/50 jackpot. Then she won the daily high point prize of a new saddle pad. She then won a $25 gift card for daily high out of all the riders. She then finished up her day by winning the series silver buckle for her age division. So if you see her around, congratulate her on her great job riding.

I would like to take the time to thank all the people that volunteer to help me put on this series. At the top of my list is Mike Doan. He has taught me so much about gaming shows. More importantly, he does a fantastic job on the arena. Without Mike I don't know what we would do. It is because of his work that the footing in the arena has improved and we are getting more riders.

I would like to thank Sheila Myers. She does a great job announcing at our shows, and she provides the music. I would like to thank Rob, Chuck and Roy for helping with the set up and gate work. Rob, Crystal, Marjorie and Judy for being back up timers. There are so many more that I'm missing, thank you to any one that has helped out this year. You all make the shows happen. I hope to see you all again next year.


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