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By Meadow Meeder
Healthy Community Specialist 

Coming Events--Community Center in Cathlamet


November 7, 2019

As I was growing up, my Dad used to tell me ‘your health is an investment that you give to your future self.’ It took me a while to understand what he meant, but I get it now. This day and age, the word ‘health’ encompasses a broad spectrum of facets in our lives- from potential improvements to complete life changing events, our health is always on the table. Even though most of us know that our best health directly affects our output, it can seem impossible to attain at times. Mental health, physical health and emotional health must often take a back seat to other areas of focus like money, stability, access to real food, child care, work--the list goes on. If you are one of those people who knows that a slight tweak, or a huge change could increase your wellbeing, I challenge you to talk about it, out-loud, with yourself. By having an honest discussion with yourself, you start to chip away at the fear. Fear is what stops most people from trying anything. Fear from failing, fear from not liking what you get, fear from scrutiny, fear from potentially disappointing ones that you love. Who you tell yourself you are, is what you become. So, my fall challenge to you all, is to pick something about your life, that you will not be afraid of anymore. “I quit smoking,” “I am kind to myself,” “I will remember to breathe when I get upset,” “I run triathlons next year,” “I cut back my screen time,” “I love myself.” Don’t let the media fool you, “getting healthy” won’t begin with a green smoothie if you can’t shake depression- Being fit doesn’t come from starving and body shaming yourself. Health starts in your mind, and it trickles down to every organ in your body. If you have health in all aspects of your life, I salute you. If you are not as fortunate, like most of us, find somewhere small to start so that you can begin to take your power back. You are worthy of good health.

On that note, this is a reminder that open enrollment is Oct 15-Dec 7, and Washington Health Plan Finders open enrollment is from Nov 1-Dec 15. If you need help navigating healthcare, or need coverage, or have already started an application but need to know where you stand, were here for you. Wednesday November 20, Wahkiakum Health and Human Services will host an event 10-4 p.m., at the Hope Center (320 South 3rd Street, Cathlamet) The lovely folks from SHIBA (Statewide Health Insurance Benefit Advisors) will also be there to answer Medicare related questions and troubleshoot issues. AAADSW (Area Agency on Aging and Disabilities of Southwest Washington) and Catholic Community Services will be there, too. Also available to those who have cannabis and kids in the same household, will be the Key Influencer Lock Boxes. These boxes have gotten a lot of praise in the effort of keeping marijuana, edibles, vapes and meds out of kids’ reach. And, because nobody doesn’t like a snack, light refreshments will be provided. If you have questions or would like to be a part of this event, please call 360-795-8630 option 4.

While we have health on the brain, lets also remember warmth. LIHEAP signups have begun. All appointments are scheduled online. If you have a computer, go to to schedule your appointment. If you need help signing up for Low Income HEAT, please come see us at the Community Center and we will walk you through the sign-up process. Check and see if you are eligible, it could prevent a shut-off from happening in the cold winter months. If you are one person, and if your income is at or below $1,301.00 a month, you qualify. Call the CC for help and information.

From climate change to pollution, take the opportunity for a deeper look into “The Future of Salmon in the Pacific Northwest.” The upcoming presentation brought to you by Wahkiakum Outdoors will be this Tuesday November 12 at the Hope center, 6:30 p.m. This knowledge is meant to be shared, so join us for a discussion and become informed on the current standing of our salient salmon.

Johnson Park/West End Food Bank clients, I am looking forward to serving you on Nov. 14 1-4:30! I will lead a food demo with free samples and fall treats that are easy on the wallet and good in the belly. Christmas decorating for the Community Center is on Nov. 22 10 a.m.-finish. The usual suspects are making things happen here at the CC, Free movie Fridays are in full swing, the Walkers are walking, the Sewers are sewin’. Have a magical day, Wahkiakum.

“The more you see yourself as what you’d like to become, and act as if what you want is already there, the more you’ll activate those dormant forces that will collaborate to transform your dream into your reality.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer.


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