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Port 1 hears report on renewable diesel


January 16, 2020

Captain Peter Wilcox, founding director of the Inside Passage Decarbonization Project spoke to the Wahkiakum County Port 1 Board of Commissioners about renewable diesel at their January meeting last Thursday.

“We started this project...shifting to cleaner fuels that have much lower carbon and particulate matter and impact on wildlife. Both decarbonizing and detoxifying is the goal of what we are doing,” Wilcox said.

To create renewable diesel, Wilcox said, “they take cellulosic waste, like old sawdust, burned trees, thinnings, rotten logs, wheat straw that has no economic use. Any kind of organic waste material including sewage, cow manure, all municipal waste except for the metals.”

“It does not have the five to eight percent by volume of the toxic carcinogenic compounds that every petroleum product has in it,” he continued. “They’ve found that it’s less toxic in water. It’s also quite a bit lighter, which can improve your fuel mileage.”

According to Wilcox, it works in all diesel engines and does not require a retrofit.

“It’s what is called a true drop-in fuel, no retrofitting of the engine or the fuel tanks or the fuel lines. It’s also completely compatible with all types of fuel delivery systems,” he said.

“It’s a nice product and it’s available now,” Wilcox added.

Art Hedman made his first appearance as a commissioner, having taken the oath of office at an earlier date.

According to Port Manager Jackie Lea’s report, eight trees on port property were cut down due to beaver damage. Beavers continue to cause problems, and staff is doing what they can to try and minimize damage to more trees.

Also, the port has received cost estimates solicited from contractors by Wahkiakum County Public Works to repair Johnson House, which the port has shown interest in acquiring. According to Lea’s report port staff will “continue to estimate costs and a timeline for repairs.”

Lea plans to attend a Town of Cathlamet meeting to seek a permit that will allow barges to be dismantled at the port, which is within city limits.

Lea noted that there has been a lot of interest in a spring salmon season and the coming pikeminnow fishing season.


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