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At odds with school bond issue


February 6, 2020

To The Eagle:

A message from Naselle School Board Chair:

Chuck Hendrickson [Naselle school board chair] - Jan 25 7:09 PM

“I’m school board chair at Naselle and have been following the discussion regarding your [Cathlamet] proposed renovation with great interest as we are also considering a renovation of one of our buildings. We have been advised by ESD112 [SW WA Education Svc District] to approximate construction costs at about $400 per square foot. I have been in contact with the superintendent of South Bend’s school district. They are building a new 30,000 square foot school for a cost of $15.5M which includes driving 180 pilings 100 ft deep and demolition of an existing 33,000 square foot building. I am a Wright family descendant and have strong ties to your school district. I wish you the best.”

Question: Why is our school renovation costing more than 2x a brand new school? A Cathlamet new constructed school allegedly would cost $65M! that’s 4x a South Bend school! Where is this extra $20M going?

David Newton



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