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Happy Valentine's Day to everyone

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February 13, 2020

SOGGY--As of this writing, we are measuring just a snitch shy of 50" of rainfall since the beginning of the year; that's wet! However, when the weekend showed up, it got drier, albeit colder, but hey, we got to see the sun shining after the fog lifted and well, that was so welcomed after days of gloom and steady rainfall! The clear weather also meant we got to see some fantastic views of the "Snow Moon" so that was pretty special as well. In some areas around here, there were even some pretty hefty winds blowing one night, so some calm days were definitely just what we all needed. Forecasts are looking wet again, so while we enjoyed the sunshine, it looks like it's not going to last.

GREAT TIME--Just as I was bemoaning the fact that I'd have to fix dinner this past Saturday night, as I wasn't going to drive all the way around to go to the crab feed in Rosburg, the highway opened for one way traffic over KM! Woo-hoo! Again, that dry spell sure did help out. I saw the good news via a Facebook posting that it was open and boy, I flew into action as I gathered what I needed to take with me, so I could make it over to the crab feed after all! As always, the food was great and while they may not have been packed like sardines in the hall like they sometimes are, there was still a very good sized crowd, so that was great. For those that had driven all the way around to get to the feed, they were pretty happy to find out that they could just zip back over KM on the way home.

Entertainment this year was by our former Skamokawa residents, Layton and Pam Elliott, who now reside Garibaldi, Ore, so it was good to see them again. Later on, another former "local," Bill Talley from Puget Island, who used to be in the group, "The Talley-Ho's," performed a couple of numbers with Layton, and his rich, deep voice was just perfect when performing "Silver Wings," one of my favorites. It was great to hear him perform after all these years.

To top it off, "hats off" to all those that worked the event, donated items and showed up and bought tickets and helped support the American Legion Deep River Post 111; you are all awesome!

FINGERS CROSSED--I am sure all those that have had to take the ferry and drive all the way around on the Oregon side to get to work, are absolutely ecstatic over having our highway over KM mountain cleared up, as that was a truly long, time consuming way to get there for sure. It was great to have an alternative though, so we thank all those working the extra long hours on the ferry as well. Now, we will all keep our fingers crossed that the slide stays stable so the other lane can get open, and this next weather-maker doesn't undo what has already been done!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from Feb. 13-19 are Connie Shrum, Vickie Reid, Chuck Parker, Jade Mahitka, Milli Elven, Alex Vegvary, Vera Oman, Brandon Souvenir, Wendy Havens, Austin Havens, Cindy Grasseth, Brody Brown, Selah Hoven, Sean Brennan, Christa Hoven, Sherry McCormack, John Thompson, Angel Thompson, Koen Gibson, Melody Brown, Angela Stensland, Derek Phipps, Debbie Beebe, Gail Steigleman, Verna-Almer Tidd, Pam Below Lazor, Hailey Blain, Justin McCarthy, Blake Hess, Kris Baldwin and Mackenzie Pedersen.

Those celebrating anniversaries this week are Brian and Sue O'Conner, David and Julie Black, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry DeBriae, Christie and Ray Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Troy Gorley, Steve and Stephanie Leitz, Victor and Monica Wiedemann and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Strueby. Here's wishing you the very best as you celebrate your special days!

THURSDAY--Don't forget that today (Thursday) is the day to check out the chocolate goodies being sold by the box at the Hotel Cathlamet from 3 to 7 p.m. This is the 20th annual "Chocolate Extravaganza" fundraiser hosted by the Charlotte House.

TIME FOR PIE & MORE--The Cathlamet Woman's Club invites you to Tsuga Gallery in Cathlamet on Friday at 1 p.m., where they will host a Pie and Cupcake Social. This is your chance to get some Valentine Day dessert without having to mess up your own kitchen! You can buy just a slice of pie and make just a donation for it, or buy a whole pie for $12, so. If you're more of a cake eater, there will be a variety of those on hand as well, so if you've got a hankering for baked goods, now's your chance to get some!

VALENTINE'S DAY--Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! How terrific that this special day comes on a Friday, as it makes for a nice late night out, as well as a long, romantic weekend if you were so inclined! Of course, we can only hope that the weather clears up a bit as driving around in the dark when it's raining and blowing isn't always the safest thing to be doing right now! At any rate, if you've got reservations at our local restaurant, I hope you enjoy your meal and the entertainment there and everyone has a very wonderful day and evening!

FRIDAY MOVIE--If you don't have any other Valentine evening plans, you can always head to the Community Center in Cathlamet that evening, as there will be an adult thriller being shown, beginning at the usual time of 7 p.m. The free popcorn and free movie makes for a very inexpensive Valentine evening out!

TICKET HOLDERS--If you're one of those people who have tickets to go to West Birnie Slough on Puget Island for the WCC Crab and Oyster Feed this Saturday, Feb. 15, then be sure to check out the time that you are expected to be there, as they had three different seatings and you don't want to show up for the wrong one! The last I heard, they were looking for helpers/servers, so if you'd like to help out, you might want to give them a jingle and see if they still need the help, 360-795-9996.

PRESIDENTS DAY--Remember that this coming Monday, Feb. 17, banks will be closed as it's Presidents Day. So, when you're thinking of things you need to do, just remember that there are many government buildings that will be closed that day and you'll either need to do them earlier, like Friday, or wait until Tuesday!

FAMILY LOSS--Last week my cousin, Donna Healy Palmer, lost her husband, Glenn of almost 60 years and we want to send her and their kids and grandkids, and the rest of the family members, our deepest sympathies. Glenn was just shy of turning 85 in April, and had worked as a machine tender at Longview Fibre prior to retiring from there after 40 years. He had also been a baseball coach and he and Donna made sure they were always there for their kids' games as well as their granddaughters', one of which plays for Sacramento State. Glenn's services will take place at 10 a.m., on Feb. 18, at our Father's House Church at 1315 Commerce Ave., Longview, with a reception next door at the Creekside Cafe.

PRAYERS NEEDED--The family of Martha Backman is asking for your help in sending up some prayers for her, as she had to be taken back to the hospital the other day. You may remember that I mentioned she'd suffered a stroke awhile back and she is still having difficulty speaking, as well as some other issues, so we'll keep her in our thoughts and we're sending a heap of "get well" wishes her way.

Also, one of our former locals, Rena Brookshier-Havens, is experiencing another serious health issue right now so we want to send her some extra love and some "take care/get well" wishes too!

CELEBRATING 50--This is going to be a big year for the Wahkiakum High School Class of 1970, as they will hold their 50 year reunion this year! Now, you all know who is who in your class, so if you were a member of this class and haven't been notified yet, be sure to contact someone in the know (your usual leaders) and find out all about this upcoming event. I can tell you that the dinner will be held at the Skamokawa Town Resort's large meeting area behind the store, and the Duck Inn will be catering it. According to Judy Marsyla, this will take place on August 1, so hopefully you'll have that day free and come and share it with your fellow classmates. She is on Facebook, so that's a good way to get ahold of her, or contact her at 360-431-6236, as she'd love to know who all is coming and get an updated list of everyone's current address. You've got some time to get on the list if you truly want to take part in this special gathering.

LOOKING AHEAD--For those new to the area, here's a few big things happening this summer: One of our truly big events in July is called "Bald Eagle Days" and that happens on the third weekend in July and takes place in Cathlamet. It includes a parade on main street with vendors lined up on both sides of the street and fireworks in the evening down at the marina and much, much more.

In August, we have our big Wahkiakum County Fair in Skamokawa at the fairgrounds and it lasts three days: Thursday through Saturday on the third full week of that month. If you sew, bake, can, make soap, make cards, paint, draw, take photos, etc., it's a great way to earn a few extra bucks by entering your items into the fair, and there are categories just for kids to enter their own creations too, and they really get a kick out of earning their own money.

Also, every other year there is something called the "Finnish - American Folk Festival" held in Naselle, and while this is in Pacific County, it's well attended by those who live in Wahkiakum County. This is a three day event, most of which takes place at the Naselle High School, and this year it will be on July 24, 25 and 26. You can reach Naselle by heading west on SR 4 and you should be at the Naselle HS in a half hour. There will be a lot more advertising about this event as time goes on, but you can always check it out online.

Anyway, I'm hoping that all you new folks jump right in here and get involved in your new community, as there's lots of ways to help out and our many clubs, groups and organizations could always use an extra hand. Our Wahkiakum Chamber of Commerce will put out a new calendar of events soon, so you'll be able to see the dozens of things that happen here; enjoy!


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