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GOOD BEGINNING--As this week begins, as well as another new month, we woke up to some chilly temperatures but at least it was dry. February had closed with off and on downpours along with a bit of hail, so having a decent Sunday was good for the soul. Unfortunately, the week looks to be a bit damp with only a couple of dry days: one of which is on Wednesday (yesterday) and then maybe Sunday and Monday. However, a couple of those days are projecting the temperatures to drop into the freezing range so it's possible that we could see a few snow flakes fall in certain areas, but we'll hope it stays up in the mountains and skips us!

If you're traveling the passes however, be sure to be aware of changing weather conditions that require you to slow down and take extra care in adverse conditions.

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from March 5-11 are Sara Fletcher, Mark Whitaker, Jami Rainey, Quin Bassi Sr., Gladys Mace, Jean Wallen, Karlie Helms-Lampitt, Teah McNally, Rhiannon McNally, Tracy Tomlinson, Ray Brooks, Curtis Lindsey, Micaela Sause, Sandy Wirkkala, Gage Robinson, Rebecca Brennan, Steve Grant, Mary K. Cothren, Phil Vik, Kennedy Moonen, Ian Turner, Linda Stiltz, Joanne Brockway, Adam Phelps, Paul Ehrensberger, Dwight Blackshear, Karen Lawrence and Amy Bernard.

Celebrating their anniversaries this week are Brandon and Debbie Chamberlain, Annette and Ron Miller, Jake and Haeden Schillios, Carol and Joe Abeytala and Frank and Cynda Webb. Enjoy your special celebrations everybody!

GREAT NEWS--This past Saturday, both our Mule basketball teams won their games at Mark Morris High School in Longview, so that was awesome! The boys took the lead early and hung onto to it, so good for them.The Lady Mules were down almost the entire game but fought back to win their game by two points; terrific. That means both teams are headed to the State BB tournament in Spokane and the boys will play their first game on Wednesday (yesterday) and the girls will play today, Thursday. Here's to our mighty Mules hanging in there and pulling in some more wins. Go Mules! May you all have safe travels to and from the games.

REMINDER--Once again, this is a reminder that there will not be a free movie at the Community Center in Cathlamet this Friday, March 13. However, there is one scheduled for the following Friday, March 20.

REDMEN HALL REOPENS!--Don't forget that the Friends of Skamokawa will reopen the historic Redmen Hall/Central School building this Friday in grand style. Yes, it's their annual Antique and Vintage Fair, which will only last three days, so come on down from 10 to 4, Friday through Sunday, March 6 - 8, and check out the wonderful array of items they have for sale. Hopefully, if you had some that you wanted to put in this sale, that you were able to get them up there in time for this annual event. Remember, you can check out the FOS happenings on their website or on Facebook, or you can also give them a call during those hours at 360-795-3007. After this weekend, the regular hours for the hall will be Thursday through Sunday.

CRAFT & BAKE SALE--If you were to turn off of SR 4 and head to Skamokawa Vista Park on Saturday, you will be going right by the Skamokawa United Methodist Church, so why not stop in and check out their craft and bake sale? This is a fundraiser for the church and they hope you'll be enticed by their homemade goodies that they'll have for sale, and you'll be saving yourself from the time it takes to make them and the clean-up time as well, so hey, it's a win, win deal for both of you! While you're there, you can also check out their craft items, so be sure to head this way on Saturday, March 7 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you have any questions, contact Nance at 360-795-3315.

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME--This is also the big weekend of time change, which means we lose an hour of sleep; ugh! At any rate, the easiest way to avoid being late, is to make sure that you set your clocks ahead by one hour before you go to bed this Saturday night. If you're one of those lucky people who have no schedule to meet, then it won't really matter, but for those who still have to work that day or get to church on time, then "jumping ahead" on Saturday evening is probably the way to go!

CONGRATS!--We have to say a hearty "Congratulations" to Nanea Carroll, who recently graduated from the Cornish College of the Arts with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theater. We all know what a talented singer, actress and model she is, so this comes as no suprise. Not only that, but her proud parents, Serene and Tracy, say she graduated Cum Laude and early to boot, so way to go Nanea; great job!

UPCOMING SERVICES--We were so sorry to hear of the recent passing of Cindi Seaberg, wife of Donald Seaberg. Her services will be held at the Norse Hall next Saturday, March 14, from noon to 4.

Also, another 67'er, Dale Jacobson, lost his son Curtis in December, and his Celebration of Life service will be held on the last Saturday of this month, March 28 in Long Beach. The service will be held at Penttila's Chapel by the Sea at 1515 Pacific Ave. S. and the reception that follows will be held at the Peninsula Church Center at 5000 N. Place in nearby Seaview.

Our deepest sympathies are extended to both families as they deal with the deaths of their loved ones.

RECYCLING--It seems we are still having problems with folks dumping off things at our recycling boxes, that are not recyclables, like Styrofoam, old jars and a lot of just plain garbage. Please, do not use these bins as garbage dumps as we have a dump very close by that charges very little to dispose of those things properly. For those of you who are new to the area, the KM Transfer Station (dump) is about 10 minutes west of Skamokawa on top of KM Mountain; you can't miss it. Also, remember to check your items for the recycling symbol, as if it's not there, odds are, it is not recyclable even though you might think it should be. Some things have waxed coatings or glues which eliminates them from the recycling process, so it's important not to add them to your box/bag of recycling items.

Also, I read where many people were saying they even washed their paper plates and recycled them. No, they cannot be recycled either, so while you may think you're doing a good thing, you are making things worse and costing recycling plants more money or worse yet, contaminating a batch of paper. Once any kind of "food" is on a piece of paper, it's not recyclable. If you need to know exactly what can and cannot be recycled, there are many websites that have complete lists of do's and don'ts, so, please try to be a good steward of recycling and please stop dumping garbage at our bins; thanks!


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