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Call ahead as lots of cancellations in store

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March 19, 2020

WILD WEATHER--Last Thursday was a super gorgeous day and everyone was enjoying the sun and basically scoffing at the idea of the "snowflake" on their weather apps on their phones, until Friday morning, and then there it was: snow! It seems like Friday the Thirteenth was more like April Fools' Day and we went from flip flops to boots in a matter of hours! We had a few more flakes the next day, but most of the heavier amounts of snow were east of us, so that suited me just fine, but I was pretty amazed to see the white blankets of snow in some areas nearby; crazy! We've begun this week with freezing temperatures but lots of sunny days so the sunshine part of that has been nice!

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from March 19-25 are Connie Bassi, Makenzie Anderson, Laurie Miller, Lance Souvenir, Ana Marsyla, Cathy LaBerge, Nicole Turgeon, Angie Nettles, Jimmy Montgomery, Taya Deal, Keri Havens-Peterson, Shelby Deaton, Jordynn Wirkkala, Jeri Webb Foster, Emily Tanksley, Daniel Rust, Sharyl Iblings, Sig Hjaltalin, Sandy Quigley, Larry Firkus and Mathew Kyle.

Those celebrating anniversaries this coming week are Layton and Pam Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Vincent, Tyson and Sarah Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Brett Deaton, Mr. and Mrs. John Hannah, Aron and Wendy Havens and Robby and Krista Fritzie. Here's to all of your celebrations this coming week!

CALL AHEAD--Due to the on-going precautions being taken around our county, state and actually the entire United States and beyond, the scheduling of many public events may have to be canceled. As with most fluid situations, be sure to contact the group or businesses that have been advertising special events, and see if they are indeed, still going to hold them. We would like to think this current situation regarding the coronavirus, will be getting better and constraints will be lifted, but one just never knows from day to day, so please keep that in mind when looking at earlier posted events, or the ones that are currently on the Wahkiakum Chamber calendar, as we know that with the current restrictions in place, (which keep changing) many of them will probably have to be canceled.

HERE IN SKAMOKAWA--Our local restaurant and bar has had to close their "in-house dining" option but they are open for take out/to go meals, so just call ahead and order your favorite fish and chip basket or burgers or chicken strips, etc. and help keep the Duck Inn busy! They also have lunches for kids for five bucks. For more info, check out their Facebook page, or inquire when you order at 360-795-6055. Our local store is still open, as is our post office, but you are being asked to keep several feet apart while you're within their spaces, and it goes without saying that if you're sick, please stay home.

FOS--The Friends of Skamokawa have announced that they will close Redmen Hall temporarily until the coronavirus crisis has passed. This means that the general meeting that was scheduled for this Sunday, March 22 will not take place. The "Fabulous Fibers" exhibit will not start on March 28 either but it is hoped that this can take place at a later date. However, according to FOS office manager, Stacey Lane, you may still call the FOS office for any questions you may have or for any further information from 10 to 2, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 360-795-3007.

CHANGED--It is also my understanding that the venue for the memorial service to remember former deputy, Mike Balch, has been changed. It was to be held in Longview at the New Life Church on 42nd street, on March 28. I have no further information on the change however.

CANCELED--According to the family of Curtis Jacobson, son of Dale, his services for March 28 are canceled. The family will have a private service at a later date. Again our sympathies go out to Dale and his family for their sudden and tragic loss of this young man.

CURBSIDE--The Cathlamet Market is now offering curbside delivery of groceries, so that's a good way to order things and get them without exposing yourself to a lot of people. Contact the store at 360-795-3511. From what I understand, one of the options is that you can call before 2 and pick up your order that afternoon with payment due at the curb.

GET WELL--I'm sending a hearty "get well" message to Patrice Everest as she has had to be isolated in a hospital due to a form of pneumonia and while it's not the current COVID-19 virus, it is a serious health issue, so here's hoping she gets to come home soon.

INNOVATION & IMAGINATION--If there was ever a time to be creative, now is the time to put your thinking caps on, as with the kids home all day long due to the school closures, it's time to put all that time to good use. Depending on their age of course, it would be a good time to teach them how to write a proper thank-you note for those Christmas gifts they received a few months ago or bring out the puzzles you had tucked away and get to work on them. If it's nice, it's time to pull weeds in the flower beds and with a little plant or flower knowledge, or some online info, you can teach them what the names of certain plants are and get them interested in growing their own things. It's also a great time to get them involved in cooking and baking, so they can see that the foods they are eating don't just appear like magic, as there's a process and some work involved. This is a great time to tell them stories of your past and where you grew up, or share with them stories of their grandparents and where they came from and how they lived "way back when." Be sure that you don't forget "quiet time." Kids do need to learn what that means, along with being kind and respectful, etc., and well, the list is endless really. Sometimes things are so hectic in our otherwise busy lives, we forget about the basics, but with no school, no play dates, no going to the mall or playing with their friends, it's time to implement Plan B; good luck!

PREPARED--While I have always written about being prepared in case of an emergency and was focusing more on unexpected weather events that would keep us housebound for a couple of weeks, this current health situation just goes to show us all how ready, or not, that we truly are. How have you fared so far? Since we're now being asked to have a 30 day supply of things, it's hoped that you were able to add on to your existing supply without too much difficulty. Having what you need, is different than having what you want, so here's hoping we've made good choices and I hope that we will have been able to come through this just fine and if nothing else, learn a valuable lesson on being prepared. It's so easy to be complacent and say "that will never happen," but as we can see, it only took a matter of days before we've gone from total freedom and unlimited amounts of products to choose from, to being limited on just about everything we want to buy and being unable to find many things at all. Here's hoping everyone is doing their part so we can help put an end to the spread of this virus as soon as possible and get back to normal. Naturally, the sooner, the better! Stay well my friends and please practice "social distancing" as much as possible.

OUT OF THE PAST--This coming week, back in 1950, it started out being nice during the day but cold, but that quickly changed to cold and wet and within a couple more days, it went from bad to worse with hail and wind and then winds up to 50 miles an hour; it was not a pleasant week! Ralph Everest wasn't feeling well, and as was often the case, the doctor made a house call and gave him a shot. Luckily it seemed to help and he was feeling much better by the following evening. Elsie Everest and others were enjoying the new restaurant in town, and headed out to dinner at "The Spar" one evening and for an ice cream treat the next. There seemed to be trouble with the telephone office stove, but Otis Wright came by and worked on it; seemed it needed a new part. The Stan Bunns had a boy on March 23. The Rebekah Lodge members gathered that week and besides their usual drills, they draped the charter for their late, long time member, Nevada Shamley. This according to my Grandma Elsie Everest's diary.


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