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Dump is open and ferry running reduced hours

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April 16, 2020

SUPER NICE--As this work week begins, it's a really gorgeous day and if it wasn't for the pollen outside, it would be terrific to be out there! It's still nice, but if you're an allergy sufferer, it's not quite so neat. Still, it beats the rain! We did have below freezing temperatures this past weekend out here in our valley though, so I hope it didn't get that cold where you were. Are you one of those who had just done a lot of planting? I hear we may have a chance of some showers this week but it only looks to be for a day, so here's hoping that you get all your outdoor things done while it's dry. Enjoy!

DIFFERENT STORY--Former county resident, Frank Corbin is experiencing a bit of a different Spring where he is right now, as he accompanied his daughter back to her soon-to-be new home in Minnesota. The upcoming bride and her Dad arrived after a long drive in great shape, but woke up the next morning to seven inches of snow. Wow, big change from our weather here! To top it off, as of Monday, it was continuing to snow, so I guess we definitely have nothing to complain about here at home.

Big changes were also in store for my grandson, Kyle Sechler and wife, Suzy, as they got their first taste of a "storm warning" in their new home in Georgia. It's always a bit nerve wracking when you move to a totally new area and their kinds of "disasters" are totally different than the ones you've been dealing with in your home state all your life. As the current storm there wreaks havoc in that state, I'm hoping they are able to stay safe and sound as well as my other relatives in another part of that state! Of course, that goes for all the people in the path of the current storms happening in that part of our country, as the last I heard it was headed to Florida.

SPECIAL DAYS--Those celebrating birthdays from April 16-22 are Logan Britt, Dan Keilweitz, Linda Mahitka, Nancy Granger, Sophia McKinley, Esther Cothren, Lisa Cothren, Shiloh Hoven, Reggie Bonny, Tawnya Paine, Derek Johnson, Darci Francis, Kassidy Holland, Phil Doumit, Jeri Pierce, Eric Bergseng, Amy Everman, Rochelle Wallin, Jason Wallin, Jared Vik, Steven M. Doumit, Fern Holmes, Nathan Frink, Myrna Apperson, Reagyn Watkins, Gage Horman, Gwen Good Ronninghaug, Carolyn Pedersen, JoAnne Pedersen, Sue Edminster, Joel Peterson and 67'ers Sandra Davis and Greg Lloyd.

Belated birthday wishes to Janelle Peterson Bond. Hope you had a happy day yesterday, Janelle!

Those celebrating anniversaries this coming week are Mr. and Mrs. Mike Walker and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Robinson. Enjoy your special days, everybody!

CONGRATS--We want to say "Congratulations" to Lisa Mooers who recently retired from the post office. We certainly enjoyed having her as our postmaster here in Skamokawa and we were sad when she got moved to Cathlamet. However, she is now able to take a little break from her long hours and many duties at the post office and just relax and enjoy life a little more. Of course, she can now have that extra time to go back to focusing on her own business, "Laser Designs," so if you'd like any graphic applications done, just contact her at

BE CAREFUL--This past Sunday there were mulitple fires here and there and there were multiple reasons, but it does serve as a reminder to all of us to be very careful when burning anything, or parking our hot machinery too close to dry "fuel" and to make sure we don't leave any embers burning when those winds come up, like they usually do in the afternoon around here. Surprisingly, the ground seems quite dry in spite of quite a bit of rain earlier this year, and I'm told that Eastern Washington is already going to impose a burn ban, so we are obviously drier than I thought we were. At any rate, be sure to have a permit to burn and contact the local Sheriff's office at their non-emergency number (360-795-3242) before you burn.

DUMP IS OPEN--Quite a few folks have asked if our local garbage dump is open and as of this writing, it certainly is. The days are the same, as they are open on Thursdays and Saturdays 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you are new to the area, the dump is located just west of Skamokawa about 6 or 7 miles on top of KM Mountain on the north side of the road, 2750 W SR 4. You can't miss it. If you happen to be on Facebook, they are listed under: "KM Transfer Station - dump", and that should give you their latest information. Thank you for disposing of all your garbage responsibly, as many are not and it's really annoying to see our roadways lined with trash that folks are just tossing all over the place!

FERRY IS RUNNING--We still have our ferry running between Puget Island and Westport, OR but in case you haven't heard, it's now running on a much more limited schedule. The early hours are from 5-9:30 a.m., and the later hours are from 4-8:30 p.m. These hours are temporary but will be in place until our governor lifts the current "stay home" order. Naturally, we are all hoping that happens soon, but currently it's supposed to last until May 4.

FINGERS CROSSED--As we all know, many of our scheduled events have been canceled or postponed and it's impossible to know right at this minute just what is going to be happening or not happening, in the summer months ahead. However, we are truly trying to stay optimistic and plan for our Wahkiakum County Fair in mid-August, so while we're all "safe at home" and have some extra time on our hands, we can be thinking about or even possibly making items to enter into the fair. With all this nice weather, photographers should be able to capture some great pictures and I've seen some absolutely stunning pictures of sunrises and sunsets and I sure hope those folks get their photos made up and enter them this year. They've been beyond beautiful lately. Plus, all those who like to sew, knit, crochet, etc., well, it's time to bring out all those homemade items and enter those into the fair as well. Maybe you've been one to try out a few new recipes during this down time and have been able to create your new culinary masterpiece, so why not make that for the fair? Of course, those items have to be done up fresh and entered in just prior to the fair, so be sure to check out the fair book when it comes out, and hopefully it will, as we're all anxious to see whatever creations you come up with this year! If you're new to the area, the fair is scheduled for August 20-22; fingers crossed!

REUNION TIME--Every other year during fair time, there is a "Skamokawa School Reunion" held at Skamokawa Vista Park. This is one of the years where it's scheduled to happen on Aug. 22 at 1 p.m., in the upper covered area of the park. This is a potluck affair and all "kids" who ever went to the school in Skamokawa, are invited to attend, so please spread the word to all your fellow, former students and friends and hopefully there will be a great turnout. Most of all, we hope this can take place, and to keep you up to date on that, you can contact Gary Emery via his wife Pam, at 360-218-6504. Let's hope this happens!

OUT OF THE PAST--This week back in 1950, the week began wet and cold but then it turned out really nice with temperatures in the mid-70s for several days. However, in spite of the nice sunny, warm days, there was no chance of beating the record high for April, which was 89 degrees set in 1926; wow! The second highest April temperature was 86 set in 1947 and in 1949, it was 78.

The home of Ralph and Elsie Everest was busy when the P.L. Sorensons and their grandaughter, Beryle Chaney, and Mr. and Mrs. Melford Metzgher and Virginia and Bonnie all came to visit from Williams, Minnesota. Mrs. Sorenson had been a bridesmaid for the Everests' wedding. Later on, the home of Krist and Carol Pedersen on Puget Island was really hopping when all the Metzghers and the Sorensens came for dinner, so it was quite the houseful. Those families took off after a week long visit on the 19th, as they were all headed back to Minnesota.

This week it was Mr. and Mrs. Lang's 25th anniversary on April 20 and it was the 15th anniversary for the Krist Pedersens on the 21st; Sue Shane turned 14 that same day, and she was pretty happy that day as her Mom, Jean had just been released from the hospital after being there a week.

Sadly, there were two deaths that week. One was of Tony Cook at only 45 years of age from Skamokawa and an 11-year-old boy, Donovan Kalk, who was Ruby Holgate Everest's nephew.

All this from the diary of my grandma, Elsie Everest.


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