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We need to demand our constitutional rights


To The Eagle:

If you, as I, have had enough of the governor trampling on your freedom and your constitutional rights then I say let’s open up our businesses and put people back to work.

We don't need anyone's permission to live free, so I ask every business owner to have the fortitude to open your stores, restaurants and bars, just as the salon owner in Texas did.

I want people back to work feeding their families, paying their bills and enjoying what they have worked for, pursuing the life, liberty and happiness as is their constitutional right.

This the only way to let politicians know our rights cannot be taken from us under any circumstance; not now, not ever.

If the county commissioners, sheriff’s department or state patrol have a problem with anyone exercising their rights to be free, then I would remind them to remember the oath they took to defend the Constitution of The United States, nothing more and certainly nothing less.

I truly hope the local powers that be won't forget who they serve. If they should, then I feel for them come election day, because we surely won't forget.

The people of our county know how to protect themselves and others with the Covid-19 precautions that we have followed to the letter so we could patronize the grocery, pharmacy, Dollar General and others. We will do so as well with any business that opens now. Trust the people to protect one another.

If you don't stand up and demand the rights many have died to provide for you, then I say without hesitation, “Honest to God, you don't deserve them."

Paul Schreiber



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PaulSchreiber writes:

To my fellow freedom fighters: Just realized we can’t pursue life, liberty, and happiness if we get infected by a fatal virus! Live strong and God bless!


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