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We've been living in the slow lane


To The Eagle:

It’s been a while, only one trip for groceries. Thanks to seeing this coming. Few days before this: NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. — President Donald Trump accused Democrats of ‘politicizing’ the deadly coronavirus during a campaign rally here on Friday, claiming that the outbreak is ‘their new hoax' as he continued to downplay the risk in the U.S. (CNN)."

We went out and stocked up; we were able to see what Trump refused to see. Good for another month, thankfully have room to roam, getting lots of yard work and gardening done. I truly feel bad for people cooped up in apartments in the cities.

Much speculation and even more conspiracies have been cooked up about the Wuhan lab, bats and our support of the studies. Bats, mosquitos, monkeys and millions of possible disease carriers are constantly studied; that’s how we find medicines and cures. On that, I trust the experts more than Trump’s ‘hunch.’

We have been successful to date in slowing the progress of this disease. The epidemiologists tell us very clearly this is just going to be come right back up and bite us if we don’t continue efforts that are significant and aggressive in our state. Fortunately it seems that we will be ‘relaxing’ things, hopefully. We will continue to follow orders, as I did in the Army, knowing my personal feelings don’t run the show when many are menaced.

I pray for patience and hope some ‘normalcy’ will soon be achieved.

Poul Toftemark



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